Consultancy Services

A Strategy & Implementation Approach

I typically work hands-on with small-to medium sized companies or local to national organizations to implement social media content and develop marketing collateral to elevate their presence and reach. I value creating visual messages for brands who understand that content is a long-term game of strategy and intention, not just something that needs to be done because it’s “trendy.”

Branding & Design

From print collateral to content creation, I'm here to help execute your visual identity the way you envision it.

Digital Presence

Need help maintaining a reputation through social media, a website or email campaigns? I'll build an editorial calendar consistent with your overall communications strategy.

Event Experience

From automating a seamless registration process to managing the run of show, I'll work closely behind the scenes to make sure your events are unforgettable.

Strategic Planning

Putting together an annual marketing and communications plan requires grit, time and vision. I'll work with your team to develop a plan that positions your organization as a thought leader in the industry.


Need assistance with onboarding and getting new hires up to speed on how to wear multiple hats or act as a one-person marketing and communications department? I host workshops to prepare young professionals for the future of marketing and communications.

Analytics & Research

Making data driven decisions is critical to getting it right. I'll compile audits and research to give you insight on your analytics and competitive landscape.

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