Rosie Chuong: Curls, Confidence & Career

As a Southeast Asian creator, entrepreneur and Founder of API Curls, a multicultural movement about hair and identity, Rosie Chuong is leading empowered women of all ages around the globe looking to live beyond the straight hair standard by embracing their natural hair patterns and textures with confidence.

Beginning as early as elementary school, Chuong’s interests in leading and lifting others through student leadership and civic engagement flourished well into her pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Entertainment Studies from California State University, Fullerton. This passion naturally guided Chuong’s 10 years of experience working in the nonprofit industry.

Driven by the desire to create impact and inspire others, her clientele includes local to national nonprofits, as well as small to medium sized businesses. Chuong continues to consult with companies and organizations on branding and communications, in addition to helping people live their best lives through curls, confidence and career.

She is best known for her Teen Vogue article on the struggles of understanding her identity as an Asian woman living with curly hair. Since then, Chuong’s journey and perspective has received international attention and can be found featured in Dove, Braids & Jade, NaturallyCurly, and other media outlets.

Chuong has also collaborated with brands and publications such as Beautycon Pop, Miss Jessie’s, Curl Magazine and more on product reviews, event activations and editorial content geared towards diversity in beauty, textured hair representation, and maintaining a healthy body image.

In June 2019, Chuong created a hashtag titled #APICurls to document and encourage individuals to share the unique experiences of living with curly hair from the perspective of the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community.

6 months later, after realizing the overwhelmingly common response that API women didn’t feel like they had a safe space to share their stories, combined with underwhelming support for this niche community from the general public and media, she founded API Curls.

Through visual representation and curated discussions around personal experiences, API Curls enlivens curious seekers by exploring diversity in beauty across varied hair patterns and textures and focusing on healthy hair journeys through the lens of culture and identity.

Chuong also enjoys writing haikus and sharing them under a series titled, You In Haiku. Her writing is described as reflective, sensual and intuitive.

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