an exploration of the inner space & an admiration for the outer space.

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Guided by three very distinct founding principles (illustrated above), Rosie Chuong’s website houses the digital diary of a blossoming woman, her collection of images that drives the aura she emulates to the world & the influential enchantment she wishes to leave as her lifetime legacy.

Writing featured on this website is derived from Rosie’s own private journal and typically sparked by real-life conversations; an intermingling of Freudian slips, raw pure thoughts marked by a natural curiosity, subtle tendencies of play on words, pop culture references, puns and other literary art forms, and an utterly poetically romantic mind all at once.


Rosie Mary Chuong is a creative entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and nonprofit consultant who owns a website stylized as a digital diary sharing introspection, visual inspiration and more. Rosie lives and breathes a life full of sheer magic and eternal optimism. She fancies pleasure in frequenting old town antique shops, and collecting the beauty and class of the world from flea and farmers market finds.

The city-living lover is drawn to the stark contrast of everyday grit & unexpected glamour usually found in metropolitan areas and as a result, the Los Angeles-based unapologetically feminine socialite can be found roaming around the hallways of museums, discovering the next most beautifully plated dish or spontaneously attending the next jazz show available, among many other of the lifestyle activities promoted throughout her website.