Today Is A Day For Dreaming.

There are many artists and creative professionals who claim that creativity is not something that can be taught or forced. It is true. There are, however, habits and tricks that encourage the spark of creativity. Somehow, between finally having internet at home, having a burst of inspiration that gave birth to the You In Haiku poetry series, and working at a fever inducing pace, I found myself caught in a place of dullness and could not identify why it was so difficult to displace myself from such a disinteresting mental location.

This notion is oftentimes referred to as “writer’s block” or simply just a block from our internal logical and creative connection. Frustrated and eager to write again, I could not understand why I failed to transcend myself to the heightened state I wanted to be in. I was doing everything right in the flow of my life: never compromising my exercising days, eating full meals, getting adequate rest, consuming a good portion of educational and cultural material-all things necessary, but not limited to, inspiring oneself.


Today Is A Day For Dreaming.

an exploration of the inner space & an admiration of the outer space.