My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent

I’m fairly new to utilizing a word as a guide for how I want to live throughout the year (my 2017 word was “scale”), but since adopting this method, I’ve actually been less stressed about where I’m at in terms of accomplishing my goals and hitting milestones. Frankly, I’m VERY HARD on myself (that’s an understatement) and I find that I’m always being very critical of my every move. I constantly catch myself blaming me for everything that doesn’t go the way it should. The great thing about having a “word of the year” is that it helps bring back to clarity and stillness whenever anxiety invades the head space. It helps shift focus on what’s wrong at the moment to what’s right and what’s working.

This year, I’d like to adopt the word “represent” as a way to help me check-in with myself.


My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent

an exploration of the inner space & an admiration of the outer space.