Using The Word “Scale” To Guide 2017

After reading how Geneva Vanderzeil from A Pair & A Spare enjoys using just one word to define her approach for the year, thought I would talk a little bit more about my word for the year. Similar to Geneva, I have only recently practiced this approach for the last year and a half, but have found it to be helpful, especially during stressful times. If you are as ambitious and as much of a dreamer and a doer as I am, you may run into moments of feeling overwhelmed, questioning if whether there is true value to your work or if you are on the right path to get to where you would like to be. During times like those, I have found that stopping myself and remembering my chosen word has helped calm any anxieties. Last year, my word was DREAM and that is exactly what I did.

During the first half of 2016, I spent a lot of time outside of my day job doing very random things and letting my subconscious guide the way I live without judging or controlling it. Through this approach, I learned the benefits of allowing myself to live in my home without assuming how it should be arranged and what was needed inside of it. I also learned that I did not need to live in a space as big as my previous bungalow (though I miss that fireplace oh so much), which has resulted in my move to a studio that I love with all my heart. Now, with two months of living in the studio, I have an understanding of all the little habits I have when I wake up, when I walk around, when I get ready, when I leave out door, and more, and this knowledge is helping me realize the things I need to make space more functional (the form and figure comes easily for me).


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