The “You In Haiku” Poetry Series By Rosie Chuong | Volume VIII

To be perfectly honest, this set of haikus has no strong theme connecting one to another. What I can tell you is that each carries weight from a moment of my life that has passed. From learning how to let go of what’s not meant for me, to reclaiming my identity through a microaggression, I’ve laid it all in the table.

Not all angels you’ll
meet will be yours to cherish
and keep. Let them go.
– Rosie Chuong

A perfect day: You
in a blue summer dress. Hair
flowing with the wind.
– Rosie Chuong

“Where are you from?” Womb
of a woman who escaped
from the killing fields.
– Rosie Chuong

Golden tears weeping
from the trees. That one autumn
day you went away.
– Rosie Chuong

He loved how raw it
all felt: softness of my skin.
Roughness of my scars.
– Rosie Chuong

“Can’t you forgive him?
It was a small thing,” mother
said. Was it really?
– Rosie Chuong

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