What Does It Mean To Be Loved?

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Today’s topic for the Editor’s Letter series was originally inspired by The Man Repeller Writers Club and its writing prompt asking how is love defined and identify what appeals to us as “relationship goals.” Late last year I had dinner with a friend who asked, “What does it mean to be loved?” A piercing, heart-stopping question nonetheless, but providing an immediate response to this came at ease that night. How quick I was to answer her question might have been influenced by the fact that I had just completed reading the book, “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. And although I may have difficulty in defining what love actually is, I am certain I know what it feels like to love and to be loved. In all relativity, for me, it means to be loved when:

He respects my ambition and desire to work and create. He plays my favorite genres of music when we are settled in the living room, prepared to sink deeply into each other. He feeds the never-ending appetite of my mind through science, arts and culture. He invests in the person I am meant to be, by cultivating me into a more skilled and matured individual, personally and professionally. He remembers all the wounds and scars that this warrior of a woman has lived through. He willingly experiences life as a present participant in the community with me through activities and adventures. He is not just a passerby strolling along without indulging in his senses.  

And in short, I feel as if I am being loved when another individual consistently shares quality time and conversation with me. Have you thought about what it means to be loved by someone else? For those of you who are being loved the way in which you best receive it, hope you take some time this week to applaud those lovers on a job well done.

Rosie Chuong

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