Welcome To The Week: Blossoming Peonies

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This last month was filled with hope to find peonies at frequented markets to no avail, until this weekend when happened upon many beautiful types of flowers, but of course, quickly grabbed peony stems – after all, have been waiting since last year for them to be in season again.

Even above roses, peonies are my favorite; the grandiose petals exhibit a surreal quality of whimsical beauty and the blossoming of these flowers are quite enchanting and glamorous. There’s also the subtle, sexy, musky smell produced from these beauties and can never get enough of it

Have been completely enamored by this song in its acoustic version, which makes me think of M, and wishing that your week blooms in the magical way you’ve envision it.

Photo: iPhone & Instagram photography by Rosie for soulcallove


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