Visitation Dream with my Mentor, Jess

Visitation Dream with my Mentor, Jess

In May 2020 I had a visitation dream with my mentor, Jess.

I was shown the life that I, at the time, was tightly clinging onto. 

A life where I significantly invested in people who’d never be available for me. 

I was shown how people unfairly benefitted from the convenience of my availability. 

How disillusioned I was by the attention these people so willingly gave as long as it fed their ego and needs in return. 

How I became the go-to person for people I can’t go to. 

How blinded I was by my constant fixation on putting others first. 

Because that was the only way I knew how to earn love, not trusting that I could just be loved by simply existing.

A wave of sadness crashed into me as these reminders pulled up to shore. 

Then, everything in my dream grayed out, a highly unusual occurrence for someone who always dreams in color

That’s when she appeared. Vibrant as ever. Jess looked so lively and beautiful. Exactly the way I’ll always remember her. She smiled at me and nodded, signaling that everything was going to be OK. 

Telepathically, she promised that when I learn to let go of this version of me that didn’t serve my highest self, that if I follow her, there will be beautiful things waiting for me.

She vanished before I could tell her everything I wanted to say since she left this earth.

Six months later (November 2020), I began letting go of the life she instructed me to leave behind. 

As soon as I did, she reentered my life in a more present way and has constantly been guiding me from the other side on a daily basis.

The bonus: she kept her promise. 

My life in 2021 has been full of more miracles and magic than I ever thought possible. 

The best part? There’s so much more left to experience. This is only the beginning. 

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