Tutorial: How I Do A 2nd Day Refresh For My 2C/3A Curls With DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel

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I’ve been using DevaCurl for a couple of months now and I’m beginning to learn how versatile and effective their products are. So far, I’ve been obsessed with using the Ultra Defining Gel because it gives my curls the best hold EVER. It gives me good definition, but the hold has been key. This is because my hair is fine and fine hair tends to fall flat very easily.

This video will show how I do a 2nd day refresh for my 2C/3A curls. I am using DevaCurl’s Ultra Defining Gel as well as the Beautiful Mess pomade. In this tutorial, I provide step-by-step guidance on why I’m doing certain steps the way that I’m demonstrating in the video.

How To Get Super Defined Curls With Great Hold

  • Completely rewet hair using a spray bottle such as the Flairosol spray bottle.
  • While rewetting hair, simultaneously detangle strands until all the knots are out.
  • After hair is drenched and unknotted, divide hair into two sections from top and bottom then clip the top half up with a hair clip.
  • Now, divide your bottom half into two from left to right.
  • Begin scrunching hair up in the palm of your hands to encourage the curl on each section. Once you’re done with the bottom half, release your top half and repeat the same steps of scrunching hair up to encourage the curl section by section.
  • Once you’re done, flip your head over. Add at least one pump of the Ultra Defining Gel product into palm of hands and emulsify. Gather strands into palm of hands and scrunch up to encourage the curl and distribute the product evenly.
  • As you scrunch up, pulse hair in hands and count up to ten each time.
  • Take a 100% cotton t-shirt (or microfiber towel) and gather hair into the t-shirt and scrunch up again. Soak up as much excess water as possible while scrunching into t-shirt.
  • Keep head flipped over and diffuse hair on low settings. Choose between cold or warm air depending on your hair’s preferences.
  • Once hair is 80% dry, take a finger scoop of Beautiful Mess, emulsify product in palm of hands and scrunch hair up in palms to distribute product evenly.
  • Diffuse hair once more on the cool shot to finish hair.

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How I do a 2nd day refresh for my 2C/3A curly hair using DevaCurl's Ultra Defining Gel
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