Today Is A Day For Dreaming.

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Today Is A Day For Dreaming.
Today Is A Day For Dreaming.
Today Is A Day For Dreaming.
Today Is A Day For Dreaming.

There are many artists and creative professionals who claim that creativity is not something that can be taught or forced. It is true. There are, however, habits and tricks that encourage the spark of creativity. Somehow, between finally having internet at home, having a burst of inspiration that gave birth to the You In Haiku poetry series, and working at a fever inducing pace, I found myself caught in a place of dullness and could not identify why it was so difficult to displace myself from such a disinteresting mental location. This notion is oftentimes referred to as “writer’s block” or simply just a block from our internal logical and creative connection.

Frustrated and eager to write again, I could not understand why I failed to transcend myself to the heightened state I wanted to be in. I was doing everything right in the flow of my life: never compromising my exercising days, eating full meals, getting adequate rest, consuming a good portion of educational and cultural material-all things necessary, but not limited to, inspiring oneself.

It turned out that I was reading the wrong book this whole time. I wanted to evoke a certain voice in my writing and yet I was simply not doing enough to transpire that particular character I so longed to emulate.

All this prompted me to write a list. A few tips on how to unlock the stream of deep consciousness:


Discharging commitment from your habits will relieve the restraint of monotony. Am quite infamous among family and friends for the lack of spontaneity only because I love schedules, structure and organization, and while all three provide efficiency and effectiveness to approaching daily routines and maintaining orderliness, habits can stall opportunities to change perspectives.

In all irony, the only habit worth adopting is embracing the exact opposite: flexibility. The easiest way to introduce abandonment of routines warmly is to mildly switch one daily habit per day. It can be as simple as substituting one cup of coffee for tea or swapping where lunch meals are eaten.


Insert the old adage here: we are what we eat. Much like the first tip about breaking habits, adding variety to what you watch, see, read, hear, eat, drink and more will encourage how often you view things in different lenses.

There are two strong reasons why I enjoy reading multiple books (sometimes even five at most!) simultaneously: because my creativity can be extremely moody and it helps feed the different parts of me. What we digest influences what we produce. Seeking out an assortment of experiences will positively lead to learning and expressing more of what’s inside.


Disengaging from your head is not as difficult a task to achieve as you might think. Write a list of the things you enjoy doing that help you relax. Funny enough, most people will include the restroom as a place that brings creativity. Whether we are sitting on a toilet, bathing our bodies or washing our hands, it seems that the act of cleansing releases our minds from the present state and stimulates internal wandering.

Once you have that list, be sure to carve out time to perform one activity per day for as little as 15 minutes to as much as one hour. Again, do not forget to mix them consistently. You will discover many answers and identify many dreams and bursts of creativity during this uninterrupted time.

Ever since I modified the type of book I was reading the other night, I have managed to write more haikus and proses. Today, yet again, is a splendid day for dreaming up a way to inspire the world and to add just a little bit more magic and romance in this community that’s been planted with blooming magnolias and cherry blossoms lately.

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Rosie Chuong

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