Why I Love to #SupportSmallBusiness

Why I Love to #SupportSmallBusiness

I’ve been working and hustling since I was 8 years old.

Most of my childhood was spent in a garage helping my mother sew clothes to make an income and keep a roof over the family’s head.

Although sweatshop labor is highly linked to third world countries and large corporations, little is publicized when it comes to American factories that pay under the table for making clothes that are sold in localized, boutique stores.

It was actually during my time as a child seamstress that I developed much of what is my personality today: I tend to observe and would rather reserve my effort in dialogue and intimacy when striking with words is most impactful.

This was where I found my solace in music. This was how I was disciplined into being a constantly working, career-loving machine.

My career start as a child seamstress is what shaped me into the conscious shopper and consumer I am today.

Why I Love to #SupportSmallBusiness
To me, being conscious doesn’t necessarily have to mean that I’m ONLY spending my money in certain places. It simply means that I make purchases with an awareness and with research before committing.

Now, as a business owner myself, I am driven with a desire to maintain the ecosystem of small businesses.

Because of the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are threatened. Many owners, especially those that heavily rely on foot traffic at brick and mortars, are no longer thriving and are facing hard decisions.

As a way to help inspire how we can help small businesses flourish and stay afloat during this pandemic and beyond, I’m highlighting shops that I personally love and support in this new (but technically not so new) content series.

You can check back on this page for updates, or look forward to upcoming blog posts on who I feature.

For now, here are shops that I’ve supported and raved about in the past on my blog:

For more brands and businesses that I love supporting, check out my Instagram!

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