Speaking & Community Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Have a podcast or speaking opportunity in mind? I’m available as a speaker and open to sharing my experiences and expertise in:


Small business ownership, female entrepreneurship, starting a business, going from freelancing to consulting, nonprofit career growth.


Perspectives of growing up in a Southeast Asian and Cambodian household, Asian American identity, body image and positivity, Asian beauty standards.


Stigma and attitudes around mental health, practicing wellness in daily life, and healing from childhood and adulthood sexual and suicidal-related trauma.


Social media, content creation, branding, marketing and communications, entertainment and tourism, and online community building.


Career growth, mentorship, personal and professional development, goal setting, and building confidence.

And Beyond

I'm open to sharing my perspective on just about anything, especially if it's light-hearted and humorous!

Causes I Support

I am an advocate for and support organizations aligned with the following causes:


Opportunities and education to young girls and women, resources and support for female & minority owned businesses, promotion of fair wages and ethical sourcing.

Culture & Representation

Heritage and cultural preservation, Asian and Pacific American associations, diversity, inclusion and representation in media.


Female hygiene donations, fashion for career success, domestic and sexual violence shelter and relief, and mental wellness services.

Pitch a Topic Today.

Let’s go over ways in which I can support your target audience through speaking and community related engagements.