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Site News | Personal Update: With A Passion…

By April 22, 2014 No Comments

A little sad for the lack of updates and sharing here, but promising that it will all resume hopefully by next weekend!

Have been delightfully busy spending the weekend in the city with M, with a mix of the usual activities such as movies and meals, but there was also a little bit more excitement and change…happenstance that we came across a very magical carousel, so sad that we couldn’t enjoy a ride since it was getting very late. Also discovered a little photo booth! We broke a record this weekend with having four separate photos taken of us! At last, there was dim sum and conversations over two bottles of wine with M’s family and suddenly, Sunday faded away as if it never meant to arrive…

The busy-ness won’t fade away, lots of overtime to be due for work events this weekend, and am reasonably re-considering my site’s platform for added functionality and efficiency.

Would be lovely to do more, create more and give more not only here, but elsewhere as well and with that, hope that you, also, are driven with a passion for all things beautiful, like a toss of crisp white blooms perhaps sitting in a vase atop your dinner table or work station, or in that neighborhood that you like to walk through…the air and romance of spring, hope you take the time to enjoy it.

Site News | Personal Update: With A Passion...
Site News | Personal Update: With A Passion...

Photos: One | Two | Three


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