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About four years ago, someone once told me, “Unlike most people who are fascinated with outer space, I enjoy inner space. Explore what’s within.” This resonates with me the more that I contribute to the Soul Cal Love domain. It has been a wonderfully beautiful journey in which I have grown both personally and professionally.

And then this morning, I came across a quote that read, “We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking,” and I found that to be precisely relevant as to why I am writing this post.

As always, there are many dreams to fulfill and goals to pursue and with that said, what was once a strong momentum of daily posts here at Soul Cal Love, will now slow down quite a bit to accommodate for more dreams to come true.

A few things you will start to notice:

  • Instead of daily posts, will be posting (hopefully) every other day.
  • The LE WEEKEND weekly series will now be bi-weekly.
  • The 5 things weekly series will be on hiatus for now so that other new series can come to fruition as certain collaborations unfold.

Some reasoning behind these changes:

  • SCL will be undergoing a website audit (which has strangely opened up very many opportunities and connections) due to the empowerment of a movement led by a new friend (which funnels into one of the new post series, soon to be introduced). More details in the future.
  • While I would personally love to share with you every day, the priority is quality over quantity. The SCL domain is not here to provide instant gratification nor would I like to compete with timeliness, but would rather give you everlasting inspiration as each day goes by.
  • Event season for my daytime career takes place starting this week, so there will be many overtime hours and weekends away from my desk space.
  • As hinted in the introduction, I will also be pursuing other projects that have already been in the works for quite some time, but need an extra push to actually come to life.

Thank you all for your patience as I strive to create this space into something better and wishing you a wonderful mid-week!

Feature photo: iPhone photography taken by Rosie of Soul Cal Love for @soulcallove 
Quote source: Santosh Kalwar, via Forever Champagne


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