My Shortest and Longest Length of Curls

Things I learned from having my curls at my shortest length (that I’m willing to go), to having my curls at my longest length (that my hair can handle):


While yes, because length weighs down hair, any curl pattern will stretch the longer the strand is, so theoretically, your hair will look “curlier’ when it’s shorter because of lack of weight. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your curl pattern will actually change permanently nor will it drastically change the spiral shape.

When I had my first short curly cut a few years ago, I thought that my pattern would form closer to my scalp. That wasn’t the case.

The volume with shoulder length curls is unmatchable for me. Shorter hair was a lot less maintenance and it took less time to dry which I love.

rosie with short curls

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Through the process of reaching my length goal (below my chest), I realized my ideal curl length which is the phase where my curls are right above my armpits and the inches that grow out after that sit right above my breasts.

I kept my hair as long as it was for almost a year and a half and while it’s been fun to keep it at its longest length, I don’t think I’m ever going to keep it that long again.

While maintaining that length, I also colored my curls for the first time since starting my curly journey. The coloring was perfection and I’m highly considering re-dying it again.

I was taking B-Complex supplements that contained biotin as an ingredient. This addition was for health reasons non-related to hair however it did help me in achieving my last 6 inches of hair growth.

Rosie with long curl length

What length are you never willing to do again on your hair?

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