How My Body Changed After Removing Dairy-Based Yogurt And Melatonin From My Diet

Why I recently had to take a serious look at my health

Ever since moving back home, my body hasn’t been looking or feeling its best. For the past three years, I’ve worked hard to strengthen it and have learned that an active lifestyle is really the type of lifestyle that makes me happiest. And so, I was on a mission to do what’s necessary to get my body back to where I love it. I started thinking about what changes I experienced since moving at the end of January that might’ve caused my body to be bloated and feeling tired all the time. 

How my body changed after removing dairy-based yogurt and melatonin from my diet

Here were some things I identified:

I switched from my favorite lactose free yogurt brand to a greek yogurt brand.

  • I made the switch because I found that the greek yogurt I purchased had more protein content in it for the price of the product itself compared to my lactose free type which had less protein and was more expensive. I add yogurt into my daily eating repertoire because it’s easy to consume and pretty cost effective.

MY CHANGE: I decided to let go of eating yogurt altogether because I was curious to see if there would be a rapid response to the way my body would change from cutting dairy out of my diet. Surely enough, my bloating has significantly reduced! Instead of yogurt, I’ve been eating hummus instead, which is equally as fulfilling.

I began exercising less often to give myself more “time” to work more.

  • I moved back home with a strong mission in mind: to achieve some hefty financial goals. The only way I’d hit them is, of course, if I work more hours and find ways to increase my income. Since January, I’ve been averaging 50-60 hours a week (NOT including the blog). I figured revising my workout schedule would be the smartest way to keep up with this momentum. This included reducing my typical workout regimen from 5-6 times a week to 3-4.

MY CHANGE: I went back to my regular workout schedule and despite “losing” about an hour and a half per day to a workout versus work, this has helped me maintain positive energy. One of my favorite reasons for resorting to exercise is that I know that in the time I accomplish a workout, I can rest assured knowing that I’m contributing to my overall health.

How my body changed after removing dairy-based yogurt and melatonin from my diet

I was taking melatonin on a consistent basis, more than I promised.

  • Again, because of my desire to maintain momentum, I began taking melatonin on a regular basis. Originally, I told myself that I would only take it on days that I wasn’t working out, but found myself resorting to it every night because I knew it would get me to fall asleep faster.

MY CHANGE: I decided to stop taking this immediately after I read that side effects of taking melatonin include diabetes and depression. My Aunt has diabetes so putting myself at risk is an absolute no-no. When I learned that depression was one of the side effects, I realized that it must’ve been why I felt so tired and apathetic all the time!


By the way my body felt bloated and incredibly tired all the time, it was a sign that it was telling me that there was something not right about the way I was living. My lifestyle demands that I am “on” all the time. I was so focused on being efficient with how I used my time that I compromised on how I nourished the energy my body needed to sustain itself (eating a yogurt type that was cheaper, but not healthy to my body personally, cutting back exercise hours, resorting to an over-the-counter natural remedy). It’s been three weeks since I reverted back to before I adopted these new habits and already, I feel so much more happier and confident about my body, mind and soul. It’s crazy what listening your body can do for you.

How my body changed after removing dairy-based yogurt and melatonin from my diet


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Has your body been giving you any signs that you need to slow down or stop for a minute lately?

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