Refreshing Naturally Curly Asian Hair Using Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls Cream + Clear Gel With Diffuser

How to Refresh Curly Asian Hair with a Diffusing Method Using Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls Cream and Clear Gel

To be perfectly honest, I prefer using the Miss Jessie’s ‘Multicultural Clear Gel‘ more when I’m combining it with the ‘Multicultural Curls Cream‘ as opposed to using it alone. In this curly hair refresh tutorial, I did a product cocktail combination of the gel and cream as I applied it to my hair. Do you have curly Asian hair that’s fine? You’ll love this tutorial!

This refresh routine is actually a follow up from my previous post-I recorded it the day after because I wanted to stay true to it being a refresh using the same product over and over again before the next washing cycle. The only difference is that on wash day, I air dried my hair whereas in this hair tutorial, I used a diffuser instead.

Refreshing Naturally Curly Asian Hair Using Miss Jessie's Multicultural Curls Cream + Clear Gel With Diffuser

What I notice with using the ‘Multicultural Curls’ products from Miss Jessie’s is that my hair has a lot of texture to it, but I have more wavy hair than I do curly.

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  1. Saturate hair with water. I am using a Flairosol 10 oz Fine Mist Sprayer from The Bucko Project (gifted).
  2. Apply a leave-in conditioner. I am using Mielle Organics ‘White Peony Leave In Conditioner’.
  3. Section hair in four (half up, half down, then split in half again) and clip up the top portion. I am using DevaClips by Deva Curl.
  4. Create a product cocktail combo in palm of hands using the Miss Jessie’s ‘Multicultural Curls Cream‘ and Multicultural Clear Gel.
  5. Coat hair strands using the “praying hands” method then scrunch hair up to encourage the curl.
  6. Set hair with hair spray. I am using the Fekkai ‘Soleil Beach Waves Spray’.
  7. Diffuse hair using warm heat on low settings. I am using a Conair 1875w Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer with its attachable diffuser. Here’s a similar blow dryer from the same brand.
  8. Scrunch out the crunch, but NOT with dry hands. It could potentially cause frizz, but this is also an opportunity to use something that’ll add shine to your hair. I reused the Miss Jessie’s ‘Multicultural Curls Cream‘.
  9. Run dry powder through roots and rake with fingers to add volume. I am using the SheaMoisture ‘Fruit Fusion Coconut Water’ Weightless Dry Shampoo.

Then fabulous, texturized hair is here! Want more curly hair articles? Check out my other posts featuring the things I learned during my curly hair journey, product reviews and more.