Refresh Loose Curls With DevaCurl Styling Cream

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Refresh Loose Curls With DevaCurl Styling Cream

Refresh Loose Curls With DevaCurl Styling Cream

Remember when I posted a tutorial video about getting the best curly hair definition and hold using DevaCurl? This is my refresh routine for next day hair after that initial wash routine! I’ve tried to refresh using the Ultra Defining Gel instead, but using just the cream seems to have the most desirable results. The cream itself smells like cotton candy and it’s so potent that you only need about one pump for your whole head!

I created this video using captions and voice instructions and am providing the written instructions below. The background music is from my brother’s band, inthebackground.

DevaCurl Styling Cream Refresh Tutorial For Loose Curls

  1. Completely rewet hair with a spray bottle using just water. Detangle as you soak your hair. I love using the Flairosol spray bottle for this.
  2. The best way for me to gauge if it’s wet enough is, I’ll put my hair in my hands and if I can feel water dripping in my hands then it’s perfectly wet.
  3. Divide hair into four sections (I like a top/bottom then left/right division) and use a jaw or jumbo hair clip to hold up the top portion up so you can focus on reshaping the bottom first.
  4. Smooth strands then scrunch up to encourage curl and clump formation. Pulse a few times while scrunching up.
  5. To do this I’m cupping my hair into the palm of my hands then moving my hand towards my scalp for the curl and clump formation.
  6. This particular technique helps bring back the spirals into my hair. I’ll do this on all four sections of my hair.
  7. Once all sections are reshaped, emulsify one pump of DevaCurl Styling Cream (or what’s necessary for your hair) in palm of hands.
  8. Flip head upside down, cup hair into palms then again scrunch up towards scalp to apply product, pulse a few times while doing this.
  9. Soak up excess water using a 100% cotton t-shirt by flipping head upside down, cupping hair into the t-shirt the squeezing the shirt.
  10. Wait for hair to dry in one hour so that it sets then diffuse on cool air, low settings. I’ll diffuse until 80% dry.
  11. Afterwards, I’ll take a finger scoop of DevaCurl’s Beautiful Mess curl sculpting pomade and distribute all over hair by again, scrunching the product using palm of hands. Diffuse until 100% dry after this.
  12. To add more volume into my next day hair, I’ll rub in Rahua’s Voluminous Dry Shampoo to my roots. This also helps soak up an excess oil and lifts my hair.
  13. To get more shine, I’ll spray Devacurl’s Set It Free Moisture Lock Finishing Spray all over my hair.
  14. Lastly, I’ll finish it off with DevaCurl’s Flexible Hold Hairspray for extra hold. Once I’m done applying everything to my dried hair, I’ll touch and tousle until it’s as bouncy and effortless looking as possible!


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