Q+A: What Does It Mean To "Scrunch Out The Crunch" Or "SOTC"?

Q+A: What Does It Mean To “Scrunch Out The Crunch” Or “SOTC”?

Q: What Does It Mean To “Scrunch Out The Crunch” Or “SOTC”?

A: I’ve noticed a lot of people ask about the acronym “SOTC” which is short for “Scrunch Out The Crunch.” SOTC is often used in the curly community and if you’re a newbie or barely starting out on your curly hair journey, it can seem a little confusing.

Basically, to scrunch out the crunch is to remove the gel cast formed over your strands once your hair is completely dried, assuming you applied product to it. The term is cleverly coined with the word “crunch” because the gel cast should feel somewhat hard or stiff.

Forming a gel cast isn’t entirely a necessity when it comes to achieving great curly hair results. If you’re unable to form a gel cast, it might be indicative that you’re not using enough product or maybe the product you’re using isn’t right for your hair. If you’re currently transitioning during your curly hair journey, especially if you’re utilizing the curly girl method, you may not form a gel cast right away until your hair gets into optimal state.

Can I only get a gel cast from using hair gel?

This is where it starts to get a little confusing: a gel cast or SOTC doesn’t necessarily have to happen ONLY with gel. The cast can be formed using other types of products including: creams, mousses, butters, custards, pomades, hairspray and other styling products.

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How do I scrunch out the crunch in my hair?

The most common technique used to scrunch out the crunch is to break up the cast with your hands. To do so, cup your dried hair into the palm of your hands as you move them towards your scalp. Squeeze your hair and release the grip in a pulse like manner until you feel that your hair is now soft.

Q+A: What Does It Mean To "Scrunch Out The Crunch" Or "SOTC"?

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