How can I best prepare for an esoteric healing session?

You may be wondering, if my energy healing session is done remotely, then what am I supposed to be doing during that time?

Personally, I recommend NOT doing anything with high intensity during your session. Our session together is a great opportunity for you to really dedicate this time block to YOU.

Keep reading for ways to best prepare for your upcoming session!


Set an intention…

Is there something you’re going through or have experienced that you’d like to heal at this time?

Perhaps there’s something you’d like to manifest and birth into your reality.

Setting an intention for your healing session can shed a light on any blocks you may have, whether that’s on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels. 

…AND be open to whatever your soul receives

Although you may think that you know what you want/need at the time, there may be some other magic, message or medicine your soul is meant to receive at the time of your session. 

Often, we don’t get what we want because there’s actually something better, or there’s still more preparation that needs to take place in order for you to receive your desires. 

Be open to whatever your soul receives during your session and know that what you truly desire and deserve is making its way to you.

Communicate with your practitioner any needs or concerns

Your session experience may vary between practitioners. That’s the beauty of “developing your own practice,” even as it relates to professional service providers!

To make this the best experience possible for you, reach out to your practitioner before your session and communicate any of the following:

  • Any accommodations or accessibility needs you may have
  • Whether or not you want to hear light, soft music or ambient sounds during your session 


Have a seat

You can recline or lie down in your favorite seat, your bed or on the floor on top of a soft rug/carpet or yoga mat. Wrap yourself in a blanket for extra coziness.

If you choose to keep your eyes closed during the session, you can also place a washcloth or eye bag over your eyes to block light.

Appropriate, light activity suggestions

Often, you’ll just feel relaxed as you receive treatment. You don’t need to do anything extra other than to just sit or lay where you are and thank yourself for giving this moment to you. 

Other activities I suggest are:

  • Bring out your skincare collection and slap on a face and neck mask
  • Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure and do your finger and toe nails
  • Throw on a hair mask! As a fellow curly girl, I know how 30-60 minutes of deep conditioning can go a long way for those curls!
  • Drink a calming cup of tea
  • Take a bath
  • Play light, soft music or ambient, relaxing sounds
  • Read a book
  • Take a nap – you may feel so relaxed to the point where you doze off and that’s an indicator that your body needed/wanted the rest!
  • Light a candle, incense stick or turn on your diffuser. I recommend a lavender essential oil.
  • Write in a journal or jot down notes (see my point below)

Get emo

It’s perfectly normal for thoughts and emotions to come up while receiving treatment. In fact, I’d say it’s ideal!

These certain memories or feelings may feel “random” to you. In actuality, it’s not spontaneous at all! That means these are things that are ready to be addressed and healed at this time. Release them with love.

This would be a great opportunity to journal so that you can jot down your thoughts as they come through during the session.


Reconnecting with your practitioner

I’ll reconnect with you over Zoom or phone (whichever option you chose initially). We’ll discuss my discoveries or observations. We’ll also go over what was addressed during your session.

Although not required, I invite you to share any aha moments you may have had during your session. This could include any thoughts, memories or emotions that crept into your consciousness.

Within 24 hours, you’ll receive post-session notes with key takeaways and recommendations.

Post-treatment recommendations

To make the most of your treatment, I recommend paying special attention to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state throughout the week. 

Take notice of your thoughts, emotions or any particular memories that may be coming up.

There may be more that you’ll be made aware of AFTER your session. 

Allow these experiences to be felt and moved so that they may pass through your auric field for cleansing and healing. 

Throughout the week, I highly suggest prioritizing relaxation and self-care activities, whatever that may be for you.

Sharing your discoveries

I invite you to share any discoveries, revelations or changes with me, or to document them as you move forward in your spiritual and life journey. 

Follow-up treatments are highly recommended and can be scheduled as often as you feel is necessary. This can be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly! 

You’re here on a mission to explore your inner space.

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