Oregon: A Place of Peace I’ve Never Felt Before

Going to Oregon and falling in love with it was never part of any grand plan of mine.

All of it just happened. I agreed to a road trip to help a little sister relocate her life up there and had no inclination for what Oregon was about. 

I was just going to show up and let everybody and everything else guide me on this adventure.

Being in Oregon truly felt like coming home for me.

[ Read more about how this trip ties into my 2021 word of the year, HOMECOMING. ]

I have two homes that I exist in simultaneously: the one in my head and the one in my reality. As a creative, I most often live in my head more than anywhere else. This is the part of me that most people see whether online or offline. 

Everything about me, from the decor I use, the clothes I wear to even the perfume I spray, is built on the creation of a dream realm.

But Oregon…it grounded me in my reality in such a way that made me want to stay. It provided balance that I don’t often have. 

Simply put, being there literally pulled me down to earth and had me saying, “I could stay here forever.”

Who knew that feeling the closest to heaven was a place on earth?

Where is THAT place for you?

Hillsboro, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon

Crystal Lake & Japanese Gardens

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

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