New Bra, New You

New Bra, New You: What To Look For In A Perfect Fitting Bra

New Bra, New You

If there’s one goal you’re thinking of accomplishing this year, make being comfortable in your own bra one of them. I’m a lover of lingerie, but nothing beats a classic, perfect fitting bra. I didn’t start investing in bras that truly matched my size until six years ago after I realized the true power of what the perfect bra could do for me. In my closet, I have two sets of staples: a classic t-shirt bra and a push-up bra. And I always purchase my bras in two colors: a nude and a black. I do this because I almost always either wear white (this is where the nude comes in handy) or black.

While you can easily go to a department or specialty store to get a proper fitting, it’s super easy to measure yourself and get an understanding of what bra to look for when shopping at home and online. There are countless of E-Tailers to shop from, including True and Co, ThirdLove and Journelle (where I’ve purchased countless pieces of lingerie from).





This is pretty much your support system and carries most of the weight of your breasts along with the frame of the bra itself. The band should hug around your ribcage and feel snug. There should be no digging whatsoever that leaves red marks or indentations on your skin after taking off your bra. If there is, that’s an indication that your band is too tight so you may either need to adjust where you clip your band in the back or you might need to change the size of the band when purchasing.


This is known as the center panel or gore. It connects the cups with the frame and gives extra support depending on the bra style. The larger the bridge, the more support and of course, the small the bridge, the less support you’ll have. Lingerie-specific bras and wireless bras tend to have thinner bridges. The perfect bridge build on your body should press against your torso with no gap. Again, red marks and indentations left on the skin means that it might be too tight for you. Since women often forget to think about how the bridge of their bra fits, it’s helpful to take a fit quiz like the one True & Co offers to help you find the perfect bra that fits you in all sections. 

In my experiences, you should discontinue wearing a bra where the bridge is too tight on your skin, otherwise you’ll be left with bruises, or worse, scars.


Think of straps as your breast’s pulley system! They’re what helps keep the bra and cups in proper vertical position. Straps can be really tricky. A bra with cheap material will prove its worth if your straps somehow always end up becoming loose. You want to look for straps that feel little to light pressure as if they’re barely there. I recommend walking and moving around in a bra you’d like to keep for at least 5-10 minutes to gauge how well the straps stay put on your shoulders.


One of the most important features of a bra to most women are the cups, which are pretty much the shape makers. No matter the style of your staple, whether you’re wearing it underneath t-shirts or tank tops, the cups should provide a supportive yet comfortable silhouette for your figure. Essentially cups should feel like your breasts are resting on a supportive pillow. For those that experience breast tenderness as a PMS symptom (this is so me) or during pregnancy, the “supportive pillow” aspect is crucial to ensuring the chest feels secure without too much unnecessary bouncing.


So now that you have an idea of how to shop online for a bra, it’s time to ring in the new year with a few new bras to welcome the new, improved, secure you! Where do you shop for your bras?

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