My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent

I’m fairly new to utilizing a word as a guide for how I want to live throughout the year (my 2017 word was “scale”), but since adopting this method, I’ve actually been less stressed about where I’m at in terms of accomplishing my goals and hitting milestones. Frankly, I’m VERY HARD on myself (that’s an understatement) and I find that I’m always being very critical of my every move. I constantly catch myself blaming me for everything that doesn’t go the way it should. The great thing about having a “word of the year” is that it helps bring back to clarity and stillness whenever anxiety invades the head space. It helps shift focus on what’s wrong at the moment to what’s right and what’s working.

This year, I’d like to adopt the word “represent” as a way to help me check-in with myself. With this word, my guiding questions are:

  • Are the activities that I’m participating in a representation of what I want out of life?
  • Does the content I create represent my idealized brand and true self? Furthermore, does the content I consume symbolize a gateway to more knowledge and resources?
  • How can I provide more value to better represent my community?

I encourage you to take a moment and identify a word that you can commit to for the year. What’s great is that adopting a single word is much easier than remembering a bunch of goals!

My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent

Speaking of which, I thought I’d share where I’d like to see more growth in this year:


I have some big life changes that will be happening soon, most of which were decided based on my desire to reach for larger life goals. In order to achieve them, I have to be smarter than ever about my finances. What I’d really like to see happen is for me to organize my earnings, spendings and investments into a spreadsheet to better map progress and eventual success. I had a head start with this level of organization in the middle of last year when I began logging the items I’d like to purchase. This list included priority indicators among other specifications that helped me manage when and how often I’d make a purchase in an item I determined I truly wanted or needed.

My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent


2016 was the year of push-ups. 2017 was the year of squats. This year, I’d like to focus on a few weighted moves including: doing 75 lbs deadlifts, 100 lbs hip thrusts and running at least 15 miles per month. I’d also like to do more yoga and hikes, but have no commitment to how often. There will for sure be a blog post capturing how my body has strengthened over the last two years and perhaps feature more fitness posts in my social feed.


It’s time that I update the website layout and I hope to get that done by summer. I’d like to rewrite my biography as well, considering how much of what I do professionally and personally has changed recently. I’ve also been looking in to getting a better camera to provide higher quality photos and videos. Another goal would be to obtain more partnerships and collaborations as those projects have been very fun and meaningful to do!

My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent

My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent


I was using Headspace for a while, but I’d like to discover more meditation apps that I can use in times of stress. Although I’m already a pretty active reader, I’d like to finish reading a book every month. Since 2016, I’ve maintained my goal of attending a cultural or networking event once a month and I plan to continue doing more of that this year.


I mentioned to my stepsister last week that I’ve noticed how I can’t seem to prolong my ability to eat the same foods for lunch/dinner the same way I used to. Nowadays, I can only stand enjoying the same meal consecutively for up to three days before I lose my appetite for it. That being said, this new habit needs to reflect on how I purchase my groceries (a lot less per trip). I’d like to incorporate more brown rice into my diet and so far I’ve found that purchasing the frozen packages from my favorite grocers not only saves time, but also leaves me no excuse to add it to my meal! Lastly, I’d like to go on more daily walks throughout my work week. I’ve found that I’ve been much more idle and comfortable in my desk chair than I should be.

My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent

My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent


The two main things I’d like to tackle for my career include attending at least one relevant conference to network and remain an industry insider, and join some sort of association to become better connected with the community.

What are some of your goals for 2018? Did you have any major goals you accomplished in 2017? Can’t wait to read and get inspired by yours below!

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