Monday Musings: Editor’s Notes & J.Crew Cravings

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It’s Monday morning and back at the office, but before the flurry of meetings and website launches and emails take place, wanted to take time to write about the importance of this weekend and its moments of self reflection and self discovery.

There were morning walks with no planned trail, but many beds of iceberg roses to admire. There were empty streets on corners of city official buildings during the sunny autumn weekend. Though already an avid reader, I have been finding new ways to incorporate reading poetry, currently 10 love sonnets by Pablo Neruda a day, but the desire to simultaneously add the history of roses, Sonnets from the Portuguese and unlocked interviews of Anaïs Nin into the mix grows and grows from yesterday’s trip to a very favorite bookstore.

It was one of those weekends away from all forms of work, especially after a stressful two weeks of website launching, the beginnings of event campaigns and while there are email editorial calendars still left to be fulfilled, leaving it all to the Monday after felt like the right thing to do this past weekend. After what may have been a three-week long hiatus from yoga, will be finding more ways to incorporate that and meditation back into the routine of things to reduce the burden of daily burning responsibilities. Additionally, am finally looking in to reupholstering my vintage wingback chair to place in my room’s corner. Making the time and the space to practice rest and relaxation is so vital to our mind, body and spirit and will have more tips to share with you in the coming days.

Monday Musings: Editor's Letter & J.Crew Cravings

A moment from yesterdays trip to the shops: had found the most perfect vintage 1970s camel coat lined with leopard print! What instantly caught my eye was the hint of leopard print on both lapels and while I hadn’t purchased, will be hoping it will be there the next time I visit…in the meantime these coats and sweaters from J.Crew will suffice as inspiration for cold, cold days and hope you woke up to a perfect Monday.

Monday Musings: Editor's Letter & J.Crew Cravings

Photos: J.Crew


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