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Mastering Monochromatic Interiors With Maria Videla-Juniel

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“WE LIKE TO EXPERIMENT,” mentions Maria Videla-Juniel, owner and Principal Designer of The Art of Room Design, while explaining all the fun she’s had since participating in the Pasadena Showcase House. As a selected designer for five consecutive years, Maria has expanded her portfolio to include designing for a traveler’s suite, spa, guest house, master suite, and for this year’s Showcase, a rock glam teen suite.

Designing different rooms allow Maria to push the envelope and press boldness, as is obvious in her room design this year, which includes punches of color through artwork against a monochromatic palette across the whole room. “I thought about what it would be like to design for one of Mick Jagger’s daughters,” recalls Maria.

“I thought about what it would be like to design for one of Mick Jagger’s daughters,” recalls Maria.

Although most of her clients would shy away from the usage black as a main color, Maria masterfully incorporates it into the room. Maria reveals, “The key is to repeat textures and patterns for cohesive design.” Today, Maria shares her best tips and tricks for utilizing black, white and gray in interior design.

Don’t take a “black and white” color palette too literally.

Expanding the color palette and using shades in between, like deep charcoal gray, give depth, balance and personality. Additionally, shimmer with warm metals can go a long way in adding brightness during the daytime, and a soft glow at nighttime.

Don’t go for black and white without natural light

There’s no such thing as too much light! A heavy amount of light creeping into your space will help break up and soften dark walls. Additionally, it will celebrate the drama of dark walls while emphasizing lighter furnishings such as white moldings.

Don’t layer without alternating contrasting colors

The key to successfully implementing a monochromatic color scheme is by alternating contrasting colors while layering. There are so many areas of a room where this can happen. Think lighter-toned throws and pillows on sofas. A vignette of trinkets at the fireplace. Desk accessories at the study. The possibilities are endless here!

Don’t add artwork without personality

Artwork is a perfect opportunity for personality. Pops of color are seen throughout the Rock Glam Teen Suite mainly through spunky artwork. Specifically, contemporary artwork makes the room come to life without risking a “flatness” to the space. “Art helps move the eye around the space as well as soften the dark walls,” tells Maria. Artwork, Maria advises, is a design element worth investing in.

Maria is one of the selected designers for the upcoming 2017 Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts. She designed the rock glam teen suite.

The collective goal of the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts is to provide funding to programs that benefit the community through diverse music programs that nurture the study and appreciation of music, provide music as a vehicle towards health and healing, offer music education knowing that the study of music enhances other academic subjects, as well as cultural enrichment, and ensure that music is available to a broad range of audiences. Learn more about Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts. Purchase tickets for the upcoming show taking place April 23 – May 21, 2017.

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