Intro To Using Low Poo For Your Hair Routine

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Intro To Using Low Poo For Your Hair Routine

There’s SO MUCH information regarding the difference between shampoo/low/poo/no poo and how it pertains to caring for curly hair. If you’re on a hair journey and don’t know where to start, keep reading to learn more about this type of cleansing hair product and how to incorporate it into your wash routine.

What is a low poo?

It’s pretty much a mild-lather cleanser (typically botanically-infused, pretty much meaning a lot of natural ingredients are used) that has gentle cleansing surfactants to remove impurities such as buildup, while keeping hair hydrated. Basically, it’ll cleanse your hair of all the gunk, but won’t strip it of moisture.

Intro To Using Low Poo For Your Hair RoutineThe difference between a low poo and a shampoo

A low poo shouldn’t contain sulfates/parabens/silicones, and if it does, that would then be considered a “shampoo”. The best way to remember what a low poo is would be to think of it as a “conditioning cleanser.” The product should cleanse the hair while also condition! PS – any hair texture can benefit from switching to a low poo routine AS LONG AS you’re not using other products with non-water soluble silicones.

Using it for co-washing

Technically, if you’re using a low poo, then you’re co-washing. Proper co-washing shouldn’t be done with a regular, traditional conditioner. It needs to be one with cleansing agents, hence a low poo or no poo product. However, it doesn’t mean that you skip a conditioner entirely from the wash process! The more your hair needs moisture and hydration, the more likely you want to consider using a conditioner after the low poo. Also, there are “clarifying” cleansers as well that are stronger (stronger as in ingredients work harder to strip hair of impurities) that may only focus on clarifying, but not conditioning. It’s good to have a clarifying cleanser/poo on hand for days when buildup gets stubborn.

I use a low poo or co-wash only if the climate calls for it, but I’m lucky to live in an area where it’s likely to not be too hot or too cold so my hair isn’t dying for hydration. I’m still mastering my usage of a low poo, but I’m finding that it’s better when my hair is long, otherwise it’s too much for my short hair to handle!

Intro To Using Low Poo For Your Hair Routine

Intro To Using Low Poo For Your Hair Routine

Thinking of making the switch from traditional shampoos?

Are you considering transitioning from traditional shampoos to using either a low poo or no poo? What concerns you about doing a co-washing routine for your hair?

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