Why I Love The Flairosol Spray Bottle For Curly Hair

Is there a difference between saturating curly hair with a Flairosol spray bottle versus a generic store brand sprayer?

I was first introduced to the Flairosol Spray Bottle exactly a year ago at the Spoke and Weal Salon in West Hollywood and was in so much awe on how well it covered my hair with water in a matter of seconds. When I began my curly hair journey, I ran out to the store to grab Target’s 12oz Up & Up Reusable Sprayer because I knew I would need it to refresh my curls every so often. At first, it took a while to understand how to use it because the sprayer kept squirting out a hard straight line of water instead of mist-like feel I was longing for. After a while, I learned that I needed to tighten or loosen the nozzle head in order to adjust how hard or soft I wanted the spray to be.

The generic version has done its job for me this whole time, but I was thrilled to add the Flairosol sprayer tool into my beauty cabinet after getting connected with Dale Ting, owner of The Bucko Store. In addition to selling cleaning solutions, The Bucko Store sells other cleaning supplies for everyday use. It just goes to show how incredibly versatile and multipurpose a Flairosol bottle can be!

A Curly Hair Split Test Demo

I decided to compare both products side-by-side in a split test demonstration video. Although there isn’t a “winner” in the test, it’s clear that depending on your hair needs, one bottle will give you a result you’re looking for versus the other. Watch the video to learn about the difference between using each one. You’ll also discover how to use each bottle and identify which one would best suit your hair needs (there’s a big difference ESPECIALLY if you have fine versus coarse hair!).

You might’ve seen me use the Flairosol bottle in a previous tutorial post recently. Honestly, since adopting this particular sprayer into my curly routine, I don’t refresh or style my hair in any other way anymore. I always make sure that I have a bottle at home and in my travel bag to ensure I’m never without it! There’s just a certain ease and smoothness to the application of saturating my hair with this bottle compared to the generic version. If you’ve had a similar experience in comparing the Flairosol Fine Mist Sprayer with another brand or identical product, comment below and share your experience!

*The Bucko Store sponsored this post by sending a product to try. Reviews and opinions are my own. More hair inspiration here.

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