LINEAGE: My 2022 Word of the Year

Up until last year, I guess I didn’t truly know who I was.

I didn’t know I was naturally a healer.

If you asked me a year ago to identify who or what I am, I would’ve told you I was a branding and communications professional specializing in graphic design.

These labels are symptoms of my success. Titles created out of circumstances that forced my resilience.

On the other hand, I thought I was continually cursed. Endlessly in a cycle of traumatic life experiences.

I thought of myself as someone who inevitably attracted people who needed deep healing as much as I needed it for myself, and I saw this as a “bad thing.”

The wisdom I was granted last year that helped make sense of all my life experiences…I wish I had this all when I was younger so that I’d be less afraid of my OBSTACLES and my POTENTIAL.

I’m a HEALER and a love beam. I don’t exist in any other way than this.

The greatest gift I can offer to others is guidance in their own healing journey. Through my understanding, I now see it all as a gift, not a curse.

Healing is my birthright. It flows within my lineage.

LINEAGE is my 2022 word of the year.

Big Bear Lake, CA | Lineage: My 2022 Word of the Year
Location: Big Bear Lake, CA

Here are my guiding questions for 2022:

  • What were the beliefs of my ancestors? Do I carry these beliefs with me today? 
  • What is inherited or carried within my lineage?
  • What were the traumas of my generation? How can I break these cycles? How has trauma been passed onto me?
  • What is my birthright?
  • What do I want to pass down through my own lineage?
  • What barriers/challenges does my community face with breaking down generational trauma?

As I utilize LINEAGE to understand where I come from and how my existence came to be, here’s how I foresee this theme moving throughout my year:


I’m at a point in my life where I’d like to relocate to an entirely new environment that supports my lifework and helps maintain my highest vibrations.

It may take me another year or two before making a decision, but something tells me I know exactly where I’ll land next and that particular place is going to welcome me with open arms.

Big Bear Lake, CA | Lineage: My 2022 Word of the Year
Location: Big Bear, CA


I’m going “back to school” starting mid-January! I honestly never saw myself ever pursuing more higher education as it always seemed overwhelming for me. However, I’m privileged to take part in learning institutions where I can study and practice at my own pace (mainly online learning).

For now, I’m committed to learning about esoteric healing, reiki and life purpose through the lens of dharma. In the future, I’d love to take up on astrology, neurolinguistic programming and psychic abilities.


For the past few years I’ve had close friends ask me when I started getting into spirituality or when did I become such a spiritual person. The truth is that I’ve always been connected, as we all are as we enter this world. I have never been public about it because it never dawned on me that this would be part of my lifework.

As I start to be more open about my spiritual path, that transition will follow in what I choose to talk about on my platforms and how/where I spend my time, energy and resources.

Big Bear Lake, CA | Lineage: My 2022 Word of the Year
Location: Big Bear, CA

What will your 2022 word of the year be?

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