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Life Lately July 2018

I know I haven’t been blogging lately. I’ve been adjusting to some new, unexpected things that I’m still trying to cope with and am slowly starting to feel enthused about being more public facing. Aside from the current set of push backs, I thought I’d share what I’ve been into lately that’s been helping me get my mind off things, including books I’ve recently finished reading, new supplements I’ve been taking, new music I’ve been listening to, a curly hair journey update and more.


Men Explain Things To Me

Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit

So here’s a really funny story about how I came to this book: before I moved out of Pasadena, a friend and I visited a local bookstore called Vroman’s for old time’s sake. I started reading through the pages of Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay and was entertained by its light hearted humor. My best friend and I exchange a Christmas gift list and we usually both request books so I of course wanted to add this book to my list. Apparently, I didn’t remember the title of the book so instead of Bad Feminist, I ended up requesting Men Explain Things To Me which is what my best friend got for my Christmas present. Without realizing I made this mistake, I finished reading Men Explain Things To Me at an ice cream shop and I honestly was so disappointed at the end of it.

Let me clarify my disappointment: Men Explain Things To Me strongly focuses on rape culture and has a very somber tone throughout the book. My expectations were that I was going to ready something I could laugh about (which is what Bad Feminist is about), but I ended up feeling very down when reminded of the heavy effects that rape culture has on many of the people I love (whether directly or indirectly), including myself.

Get this straight: There is nothing disappointing about opening a dialogue about the existence of rape culture and what we can do to eliminate it. My disappointment stemmed from a lack of preparation for reading about a topic that brings a burn to my heart. And that is exactly why I recommend people read the book if we’re ever going to alleviate our society of the dire consequences that come from the practice of rape culture.

And if you’re wondering how I finally realized I asked for the wrong book: I was still fed up with the notion that Men Explain Things To Me was not what I anticipated and finally after doing a quick search on top 2017 feminist books, I saw the cover of Bad Feminist and it finally clicked in my head that I made a silly mistake. My best friend laughed when I told her of my confusion as she knows exactly who Roxane Gay is and was amused at my little mix up.

Woman Code

Woman Code by Alisa Vitti, HHC

My sister Kwin randomly handed over Woman Code one day without me even asking and told me I should really read it. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I’m forever grateful that Kwin pushed me to be open about the book. Kwin has always been my person I can trust when it comes to holistic and wellness practices and this book truly does deliver. For years, I’ve struggled with an awful case of PMS. I can expect to experience at least 11 common PMS symptoms at any given time, and sometimes even simultaneously.

Woman Code digs deep into how hormonal imbalances are the root cause for our PMS experiences, our scary infertility rates and our low libido. While this seems like a no brainer, Woman Code does a great job at framing how hormones are linked to these three functions of the female body and how to reverse any symptoms affecting the female way of life.

I’ve already been contemplating going off of birth control (yes, I’m one of the many thousands of women using the pill to mask my PMS symptoms) and reading this book has given me the education I need to do so successfully while looking forward to a brighter, symptom-free period.

I’m very intrigued about what my journey to transitioning off of birth control and becoming symptom-free is going to be like so there will for sure be more posts involving this on my platform.



Tom Misch

A friend of mine recently expressed that it amazes her how well I discover new things. Of the ways I find new things to enjoy, I’m constantly listening to different stations and playlists on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and SoundCloud. Additionally, I follow a lot of indie/underground culture publications that always feature new and emerging artists on the rise. I discovered Tom Misch through a playlist on Spotify late March and have been hooked since then. He is the essence of John Mayer on an Amy Winehouse beat singing a very happy, cool song.


Arumi (Soundcloud)

Again, with the randomness of my musical discoveries, I stumbled upon Arumi through a random Instagram story I was viewing. It was a live show and I liked what I heard so I asked the account user who/what it was. They couldn’t identify the artist, but after thorough investigation, I was able to identify the name of the event series and artist lineup. All through just knowing the venue location and the date!

Life Lately July 2018


Magnesium Glycanite

For a few years now I’ve been having an issue with constant nighttime urination which has significantly disrupted my sleeping pattern. Although I’ve read several times that magnesium deficiency is the cause of it, I hadn’t witnessed any breakthroughs in my attempts to add more of it into my diet. Finally, after reading Woman Code (as mentioned above) and vigorously reading ALL of Flo Living’s blog posts, I stumbled upon one that specified the exact supplement to take to alleviate this symptom. Flo Living specifically suggests taking Magnesium Glycanite as a supplement to reduce chronic urination. I purchased two tubs of it in powder form at Roots and it was on sale!

After taking it for a week, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of times I have to use the restroom throughout the day! Before, I had to urinate almost 10 times before my body felt at ease to sleep at night and I also woke up at least 3 times to use the restroom in the early morning before my body felt well rested to wake up. So far, my pattern has been deduced to using the restroom twice in the night before falling asleep and once in the early morning before waking up. What an incredible improvement. Beauty rest here I come!


Probiotic Pills by Jarrow

To help with my transition off of birth control, Alissa Vitti, recommends taking probiotic pills to encourage the body’s system to normalize itself. I’ve been taking probiotic pills by Jarrow as a supplement. Honestly, I appreciate this more than trying to consume yogurt, as I’ve learned, that my body doesn’t like to digest dairy-based yogurt as much as I thought.


Adaptogen Powders by Sun Potion

My sister Kwin has been obsessed with Sun Potion ever since last year and I’m finally starting to learn why! She was kind enough to let me pack samples of Ashwagandha, Reishi, Mucuna Pruriens, Rhodiola and Triphala to try. I excitedly have been ingesting all powders each day and could instantly notice the effects it had on my body. I don’t know about you, but I’m very in tune with my body in terms of knowing when it feels aligned and when it doesn’t. With using the powders I mentioned, I for sure noticed a sense of focus, balance and increase in metabolism. It’s becoming very clear to me that my body loves ingesting items in powder form so I for sure want to incorporate more into my diet as a supplement. I’m highly considering investing in the Yin Power and Pearl.


Weight Lifting Goals Check Up

If there’s one thing I haven’t neglected, it’s my weight lifting goals! Earlier in the year, I had set out to increase my strength and challenge my weight lifting skills through a few moves. I’d like to be able to bench press at 100lbs, do hip thrusts at 100lbs and do deadlifts at 150lbs. So far, I’m at 75lbs on both bench presses as well as deadlifts, and can do hip thrusts at 70lbs. Not sure if I’ll really hit my goal of 150lbs on deadlifts by the end of the year, but I’ll do my best to reach it!

Curly Hair Journey Checkup

Curly Hair Journey Update

I’m trying out some new products for my curly hair journey including the Incredible Curls cream and Hair Nourishing Cream by Jane Carter Solution, the Curl Shaping Gelée by Dippity Do’s Girls With Curls, the Scent and Shine Brassica Seed Oil by Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture, the Haute Mess Texture Gloss gel by Amika, the Superfruit Complex 10-In-1 Renewal System Hair Masque and the Superfruit Multivitamin Leave-In or Rinse-Out Conditioner by Shea Moisture. 

I’m stoked to be sharing the progress photo below so you can see how far I’ve come in embracing my naturally curly hair!

Life Lately: July 2018

And what about you? What have you been up to?

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