What makes up our INNER SPACE?

Our inner space is what makes up our bodies on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, interpreted through a metaphysical lens.

Everybody holds a universal blueprint for their inner space. To find out what makes your map unique, you must become the explorer of your own. ⁠

Each terrain on your map is shaped by your life experiences. Some of these landscapes build upon each other. Ultimately, everything is connected and influences your outer reality.

Generally, people are most connected and familiar with their embodied identity, creative expression and parts of their belief systems.

We’re often separated from the things that make up our healing opportunities (like shadows and wounds) because we’re in denial of their existence. The very act of denial is what disconnects many of us from our inner space.

My philosophy is that the more you know yourself, the more fulfilling your life is. The more you go within and explore what makes up your unique inner space, the more you’ll heal.

You can’t lead or live your best life if you don’t know who you are.

I created this list outlining the pillars that make up your INNER SPACE. This is what I use to help individuals navigate through their journey of healing and empowerment.

8 pillars of inner space - a system by Rosie Chuong

Belief Systems

We don’t just pick up habits or behaviors out of nowhere. They come from somewhere.

Our conditioning is often dictated by societal constructs, institutions, or systems we operate in. They’re also shaped by life experiences.

Understanding where our learned behaviors stem from can assist in addressing challenges we face that hinder our growth, as well as opportunities for deepening and maintaining alignment with our truth.

Another aspect of our belief systems are our values, ethics and morals. This can show up through our expressed identities which I go over in a later point.

Energy Systems

There are a few schools of thought on how our bodies exist and respond on the energetic plane.

You may have heard of ancient energy systems such as chakras (Sanskrit for wheel or disk) and Yin and Yang (elemental polarities).

Other schools of thought include the existence of auras and energy centers (esoteric healing).

In addition to these energy systems, we can also consider the ways we experience energy in cycles or phases. Cyclical natures of being include hormonal, lunar and seasonal.

Understanding how your body operates energetically helps recognize whenever you’re out of alignment, and how to regain your balancing.

I offer energy balancing sessions as part of my practice. Book a session today!

Soul Recognition & Remembrance

Through this category, we can explore past life histories as well as soul recognition and remembrance.

Tapping into our past lives can help us understand where we may need healing and any karmic debt we have. It can also help us identify soul recognition: moments where we meet our soul family or people we developed soul contracts with, and how these same souls have played a role in multiple lifetimes.

In esoteric healing, practitioners can assist in resolving past life trauma and karma that’s carried into your current life.

Embodied Identity

Our identity is our physicality or our embodied expression. This can be created out of imagined order and social constructs as well as what’s been carried through from past lives.

From exploring what we choose to embody as our identity, we can discover:

  • Our inner child
  • Our ego
  • Our personality
  • Our adopted archetypes

Inner Space Guidance

Discover who you're meant to be in this lifetime. Book an energy healing session today!

Communication Systems

How does your body communicate to you? How do you receive internal or divine guidance?

In this area, we’d explore forms of communication such as: states of flow or clarity, channeling, imagination and intuition.

It’s my belief that we’re always receiving intuitive guidance. Being in a constant state of flow is possible. We just need to know how to listen and how to facilitate the best environment for this.

Read the caption of this reel for a quick, daily exercise you can do to develop your intuition.

Creative Expression

Whatever is communicated to you, and however it’s communicated to you, will somehow eventually be birthed into life outside of you.

This is your creative expression – the ways in which you process your ideas, information, inspiration, intuition and insight in an external manner.

Creative expression can manifest physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When we are imbalanced, we may have difficulty expressing ourselves at one of these core levels.

Path & Purpose

In popular culture, there’s a tendency to equate life purpose with career path. Not everyone on this earth is meant to put so much emphasis on their public identity, vocation or careers.

That being said, my approach for helping people understand their life purpose is to instead reframe
it as “incarnation” purpose.

Why did your soul choose to incarnate on earth in this lifetime? And what karmic debt did I carry with me through birth? What areas of life will be most frustrating, and which ones will be most fruitful? What am I meant to heal?

This framework is a much more accurate depiction of how we can live a more authentic life, which, yes, can include an aligned career path once we see the bigger picture.

Healing Opportunities

I label this area of existence as “healing opportunities” because it’s my belief that for every challenge we face that makes us feel stuck in the past, there’s an opportunity to move forward with grace and compassion.

The more we view our issues as opportunities, the less we operate from a lack mindset. This is how we reclaim our power.

Our healing opportunities can be identified through illness & disease, triggers, stored trauma, shadows, fears and wounds.

The keys to these 8 components of your INNER SPACE are always available to you. Which parts of your chart are you most curious about?