HOMECOMING: The Start of My Spiritual Awakening

Out of the 14 goals I had for 2021, I only accomplished one of them which was to move into my own studio. One out of 14 doesn’t seem like a whole lot of accomplishing. For some, seeing this ratio can be demoralizing. 

Truthfully, the knowledge I gained this year is more valuable than any money I ever made or any goal I wanted to achieve.

When I chose the word HOMECOMING for 2021, I thought it was going to be about me carving a space of my own after experiencing family drama regarding a home I previously co-owned with my mother’s boyfriend. HOMECOMING ended up meaning so much more than I ever imagined. 

Here are some ways in which the word HOMECOMING played out significantly for me throughout the year:

I understood the importance of embodiment 

During my first esoteric healing session, I was able to acknowledge something I’ve always felt about myself that I was ashamed to admit. 

Through several healing modalities and by deepening a daily spiritual practice committed to embodiment, I now see my body as a safe home to be in and I respect it as such.

I discovered that my home is not limited to the 3D earth

Based on my natal chart, my human design chart and my ancestral lineage, I’ve learned that I’m very capable of experiencing different states of consciousness. All my life I’ve always known that I’m incredibly connected to the dream realm. 

This year, I’m finally harnessing a gifted ability I have to visit other homes of mine whenever I go to “sleep” or make space for meditation and breath work. 

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I’m now in a position to redesign my family dynamic based on my own terms

My version of family is not quite what you think it is. The words “family” and “home” have particularly felt very funny to me for the last four years. 

It has been eye-opening as much as it has been heartbreaking for me to be in situations where my original concept of family and home was destroyed. 

Now that I have the necessary boundaries put in place, it’s time for me to redefine my chosen family dynamic which includes the support system I’ve developed over time and my soul family. 

A home for my soul

Speaking of soul family, I got to know someone I know on another level this year. In deepening this connection, I’ve learned through various forms of universal validation that this person is meant to be a home for my soul. 

As we continue to develop our relationship, I’m at peace with finally finding the home that my soul has been searching for all along.

A place called Oregon

I never had any intention of ever visiting Oregon. Little did I know that visiting this state and being there was going to be completely transformative for me. 

I’ve loved all the different places I’ve traveled to in my life and always thought I left my heart In Chicago. However when I visited Oregon, I realized that my heart was always there all along. 

There’s something about this state that brings me a level of peace I’ve never experienced in my life. Oregon has felt like a true home for me.

Ultimately, HOMECOMING this year took place in the form of my spiritual awakening

This year, I reclaimed my body and came home to it. I embraced my birthright as a healer and finally saw all the messages the universe had been sending all along. I came home to my divine mission, my life purpose and my true path. 

What was your word of the year for 2021 and how did that word present itself in your experiences throughout the year?

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