6 Habits That Make My Work From Home Situation More Manageable

6 Habits That Make My Work From Home Situation More Manageable

6 Habits That Make My Work From Home Situation More Manageable

When I relocated back to Orange County, I worked remotely. My room rental came with a desk I had always dreamed of having, but it actually wasn’t until recently that I decorated it to make it more welcoming.

A year after, I transitioned into becoming a member of a co-working space that I fell in love with. Now that I’m back to working from home due to COVID-19 and various recommended guidelines, orders and mandates, it’s interesting to see how my perspective and habits have changed.

To keep myself from being stir crazy, I’ve adopted 6 very specific habits to help keep my work from home situation a manageable and pleasant experience.


I began this blog because I enjoyed curating beautiful content and creating epic collages (view the archives). Building mood boards is helping me stay inspired even though my environment has become more confined and monotonous.

Most of my mood boards are tucked away in my Instagram SAVED section and shared on stories. They tend to be based on feelings, words, items, colors or other visual elements that emulate how I’d like to portray myself and my artistry.


My long time Internet blogger friend Supal (I featured her on the blog way back in the day) invited me to join a Mastermind with her other friend, Joy LeDuc, a lifestyle photographer in Boston.

We’re using the Mastermind to grow our own businesses and passion projects. I’m particularly focusing on Pinterest and am so fascinated with all that I’ve learned so far!

The Mastermind has been a great way for me to have accountability for goals I’d like to accomplish this year and beyond.6 Habits That Make My Work From Home Situation More Manageable
6 Habits That Make My Work From Home Situation More Manageable


Late last year, I committed to making my home office space much more personable and inviting. I absolutely love how everything turned out. The space is an exact iteration of me.

Since I’m working from home more often, I decided to finally get the E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter from Uplift Desk that I’ve been eyeing for a few months now! It fits perfectly on my current desk and now makes it easy to enjoy working while standing or even recording while standing.

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One of the ways in which I’m trying to truly practice self care is by giving my workouts my 100% full focus. I’ve gained weight since August 2019 and I believe that my overall stress from last year has contributed to that.

I also have to be completely honest and say that my workouts were lackluster last year. I was doing the bare minimum just to get some movement in me, but wasn’t making any real progress because exercise felt more like a chore than a reward.

I can tell you that I’m already seeing results from being more committed and careful with my at home HIIT workouts.


In between attending virtual happy hours, Masterminds and somehow being asked to join more meetings than ever before, I do believe that seeing people on the screen is making a big difference. It’s not the same no matter how I wish it was, but viewing the faces of the people I love or work with on a screen during this pandemic has been reassuring.

It reminds me that all is not lost.

It also helps me stay accountable and not lose the momentum that I’ve had before COVID-19. I had a very set routine of what time I woke up, how I got ready and how my days functioned.

Even the most organized people can fall off routines and when that happens, there’s nothing more draining than the stress and guilt of losing that focus.

Now, with requiring that a majority of my conversations are done through camera, I feel more empowered to stay on track.

6 Habits That Make My Work From Home Situation More Manageable


I have a standard of working, at minimum, 8 hours a day. I realize that this resembles a traditional workday for a 9-5 employee for someone who is self-employed or “hustling.” I like giving myself that standard because, again, it goes back to helping me feel accountable, but more so progressive.

This numerical fashion of tracing how often I work daily helps me feel and witness that I’m meeting my larger professional and personal goals. I’ve actually been practicing this for the last 6-8 months and have noticed that I’m much more calm and balanced with this particular time blocking.

If I have to work for more than 8 hours, I try to have a hard transition before clocking back into work. What that means is that I will take at least a 1-hour break after 7-8 hours performing an activity that has nothing to do with a screen such as exercise, cooking, eating, speaking to someone or sitting in the sun.

What are some habits that you’re adopting strictly to maintain normalcy in your professional life?

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