Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018

Every once in a while, I like to switch up the different types of products I’m using, especially for my hair, to help address different needs such as weather/seasonal changes. Here are some of the things I recently added to my beauty cabinet to help me solve some issues I’ve been experiencing including scalp irritation, lackluster hair strands, flat, limp curly hair, blemishes and more.

Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018 | Shea Moisture African Mint & Ginger Detox & Refresh Scalp Elixir


Before I started to embrace my curly hair, I assumed that my hair always became wretched looking overnight. It wasn’t until I learned the fundamentals of preserving my curls day-after-day that I began to understand how my curls change overtime until the next wash day. In the last month, I’ve been able to extend up to the 4th or 5th day! It’s great, unfortunately all the product buildup makes my scalp very irritated by day 5. The Shea Moisture African Water Mint & Ginger Detox & Refresh Scalp Elixir helps alleviate the itchiness I experience until I wash my hair out again.

Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018 | Miss Jessie's Honey Curls


I got really excited to try Miss Jessie’s Honey Curls because I haven’t used honey as an ingredient in my curly hair yet AND I know that sweet almond oil is a highly recommend oil for my particular curl type. I although this product says that it already has a conditioning hold, I have seen better results on my curls when I co-wash (as opposed to using my typical clarifying shampoo) before applying this styling aid. It has a slightly sweet almond smell to it, has a medium thick consistency to it and is golden-colored. I recommend using about a nickel-quarter sized dollop of this cream in each section of your hair, however you part it, then air dry and scrunch out the crunch for super soft curls.

Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018 | Miss Jessie's Gloss So Good


Here’s the thing about my hair: it’s super soft, fine and dark. For some reason, it always looks a little lackluster and doesn’t have the shine necessary to show off the shape of my curls. I always get disappointed when I look at my photos and I find that my curls don’t look as bombastic because it doesn’t have the gloss it needs. Luckily, I get the shine and gloss I want by using Gloss So Good by Miss Jessie’s. When I’m done fluffing out my hair after it’s fully dried, I spray this all over. It’s especially perfect for photo and video shoots!

Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018 | Miss Jessie's Curls So Fresh


This is another miracle product as of late. As mentioned earlier, I’ve been trying to learn how to properly refresh my hair. I don’t actually use this on next day hair. I use Miss Jessie’s Curls So Fresh on same day hair (this is key if you have fine hair!) when I need to refresh and revive my curls throughout the day. My best example of this is when I workout at night, but have to attend an event after and can’t afford to fully re-saturate and style my hair.

Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018 | Acure Organics Acne Spot Treatment


When it comes to skincare, I gravitate more towards product lines that help make my skin brighter and give it a glow, but I’m actually really prone to blemishes, so it’s always important for me to have something that helps keep my random blemishes at bay every once in a while. This acne spot treatment from Acure Organics has been very helpful for me to keep in my purse every time I’m obsessed with getting rid of a red spot.

Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018 | Bite Beauty Multistick in Papaya


When I tried the Bite Beauty Multistick on at Sephora, I only applied it to my skin and loved the ‘Papaya’ color so much thinking it would appear the same on my lips. at first, I felt like it looked super light on my lips and didn’t like it, but after using it a couple of times I fell in love. I also recently discovered that it looks magnificent when combined with 520 Scarlet Soaked lipstick from Burt’s Bees!

Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018 | RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Beloved


I’ve been playing with RMS Beauty products for a while now, thanks to my sister Kwin, and when I received a gift card for my birthday, I knew I wanted to use it to add more products from this brand into my pile. The Lip2Cheek in ‘Beloved’ by RMS Beauty looks like a bright coral red, but once applied to skin and lips, it has more of the classic Hollywood red. It’s practically the perfect red lip stain color. The formula itself is smooth, sheer and feels luxe.

Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018 | Pacifica Pineapple Hydrate Curl Nourishing Mask


I got the Pacifica Pineapple Hydrate Curl Nourishing Mask as a birthday gift from one of my closest college friends, Tina. She said that it smelled absolutely lovely, adored the product packaging and of course knew I would appreciate trying it out for my curly hair journey! She was right about the smell, I absolutely love fruity scents and the packaging design is so fun and fresh, it’s hard to not want to try it out. I highly recommend this for people who don’t need a lot of slip while detangling, regardless of hair type. It’s incredibly lightweight, but packs on moisture without weighing hair down.

Current Beauty Favorites | May 2018
Have you tried any of these products yet? What has your experiences been and which are your favorites?

*Thank you to Miss Jessie’s for gifting the Honey Curls, Gloss So Good and Curls So Fresh products. All reviews and opinions are my own.

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