Editor’s Notes 01.27.15

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Lately, I have been thinking about the words I would like to adopt to frame how I will spend the rest of the year. The following three words resonated with me:

  • FOCUS: Less stress and more productivity. Less spreading myself too thin and more growing in one or two key areas of need. Less scrambling to make ends meet and more commitment to completing plans above and beyond projected outcomes. Less mediocrity, more greatness.
  • TASTE: Opportunity to be more refined, instead of cluttered. Opportunity to have more precision, instead of similarity. Opportunity to develop a true sense of style, instead of random eclecticism. Opportunity for an exact authority, instead of a broad scope of things.
  • INTENTIONAL: To live being bound by fulfillment, rather than being bound by voids. To live being a person with which my mornings start the way my nights end; that every minute is worked towards a commonality. To live knowing that each little step taken makes a mark on an overarching goal. To live in such a way where every second is used optimally for happiness.

These three words not only stand out on their own, but also play with each other in so many scenarios and situations, making them ideal as I proceed in making 2015 another best year yet. These words will be a guiding principle on what will be featured here on Soul Cal Love and so much more.

Whatever word(s) you choose to serve as a compass for your year, may they lead you to newly discovered success, an abundance of happiness, and more.

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