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Editor’s Letter: Why Winter Is My Favorite Holiday Season

By November 29, 2016 No Comments


DECEMBER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER so have been thinking about what makes this time of year so very special. Truthfully, I spent a lot of my childhood re-watching the Christmas version of Disney sing-along songs on VHS, where most of the animated scenes were held in snow. Having grown up in southern California and not having seen snow (until later in life), it never fully clicked to me just how small my world was, in terms of my understanding that winter looks and feels differently in other parts of the world. In fact, I just assumed that winter and Christmas and this particular holiday season was exactly as it was shown in the cartoons I so fondly loved.

And just through writing this right now, I have begun to remember yet another reason why it holds a special place in my heart: it was at this time of year when I met my first love and learned what it was like to be PROPERLY KISSED. He also became my first New Year’s Eve kiss many, many years later…

To this day, I still hold on to the notion that November and December is perfectly represented by Disney’s Very Merry Christmas; a time of year where somehow negativity magically subsides and everyone focuses on giving and giving back. Where love is the only thing we know how to make and do.

And if you are like me and cannot get enough of what this time of year has to offer, here are a few more particular things that make winter an ideal holiday season: crispy, curly, crunchy golden leaves, holding hot beverages in hand (tea or coffee, whichever you like), busting out coats and cardigans, forever sweater weather, baking pasta or anything that puts an oven to use, cozying up by a warm fireplace, hypnosis by flickering of candle light, the sharpness of year-end air, the smell of wet pavement and dirt, cold hands meeting warm hands, bundled up in scarves, stealing kisses underneath mistletoes, secretly searching for THE perfect gift and the excuses we make to inch a little closer to each other…



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