Editor’s Letter: Optimism During A Time Of Outrage For America’s 2016 Presidential Election

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Editor's Letter: Optimism During A Time Of Outrage
Editor's Letter: Optimism During A Time Of Outrage
Editor's Letter: Optimism During A Time Of Outrage

After falling in love with Man Repeller’s Virginity Haikus and with a mission to incorporate more writing prompts into the website (more to come later), have decided to fill up the editorial calendar utilizing some of Man Repeller’s Writers’ Club previous topics. There were plans to write about something else entirely today, but must confess that after witnessing how our nation changed overnight, the aftermath of post-election stress could simply not be overlooked. Today, instead of wallowing in sorrow over what could have been, am finding the good and identifying about what exactly in this world makes me excited to live in it.

Truthfully, I had slept through America’s election results the night of November 8, 2016.

There were two very possible outcomes; both of which I had been prepared to face, one in which half our nation disbelieved would be possible. The latter came to life.

We all woke up on November 9, 2016 feeling different. Perhaps I have been too young to notice how our nation moved in previous elections, but it seems so many people have felt like they themselves have lost a battle in this particular year. The day after the 2016 election, we faced too many realities all at once. When was the last time half our nation felt at a true loss for a presidential candidate? What exactly do we have to lose? Policies many have fought for that represents many communities could be overlooked. Accessibility to programs that have provided care to those in need diminished. But most importantly, though it seemed we were a divided nation even before this election took place, the results have created enemies out of friends. I have sensed anger and shock in the air and am afraid that we’ll start to forget that unity is when we are at our strongest.

Editor's Letter: Optimism During A Time Of Outrage

Editor's Letter: Optimism During A Time Of Outrage

Editor's Letter: Optimism During A Time Of Outrage

But as positive as one could be, I have chosen to display true sportsmanship for the model of our democratic system, and have found OPTIMISM IN A TIME OF OUTRAGE FOR THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. As a philanthropist having been strongly engaged in my community since my younger years, having worked for many organizations with strong missions, having the honor to represent many more as a nonprofit consultant today, IT IS CLEAR THAT OUR COMMUNITIES NEED ABLE LEADERS NOW MORE THAN EVER.

We cannot let our voices cease to be heard just because we disagree with who has been placed as our nation’s next leader. Not even for one minute.

Three things in this world that makes me excited to live in it:

  • Although Hilary didn’t see the win she was hoping for, our senate will see more women of color serving due to this election’s results.
  • A very, very, very close friend of mine, whose parent’s adopted me as a perfect child (their words last night, not mine!) of their own, had a little bit of a health scare late last week and thankfully her mother was discharged from the hospital a couple days later. We took the opportunity to appreciate our time together with a feast.
  • After reminding someone how much I miss them and value how much I feel appreciated by this individual, they left me with these words Friday night: “I am humbled by your compliment. I do appreciate you as a human being because you’re a great person. You truly are. And there are so many things about you that I deeply admire. It feels good to feel valued and I’m glad you can look to me as a man you can talk to and as a man you respect. To be in that position for any woman, to be in that position for you, is amazing. And I appreciate you being in my life.”

I hope you’ve taken a moment to process America’s 2016 election results and have reignited the tenacity to fight for what you believe is worth fighting for. There’s still work to do and am wishing you a brand new Monday where optimism will prevail any sense of outrage…

Rosie Chuong

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