Editor’s Letter: On Being Grateful In 2016

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Editor's Letter: On Being Grateful In 2016 - by Soul Cal Love

Editor's Letter: On Being Grateful In 2016 - by Soul Cal Love

Editor's Letter: On Being Grateful In 2016 - by Soul Cal Love

Although have felt like I’ve done well in expressing gratitude all year long, it never hurts to be EXTRA grateful during November, the (American) month of Thanksgiving, no matter how cliché it sounds. Of the many things to be grateful for in 2016, and you can follow along on Instagram as I acknowledge a few throughout November, what I am most grateful for is having my ambition re-ignited within me. While writing today’s letter and attempting to remember how it all happened, can pinpoint it all back to this January, just when I had completed a fitness program by Way of Gray and finished reading a book titled, Goals! by Brian Tracy.

IT WAS A PERFECTLY ACCIDENTAL FORMULA: I read about many different schools of thought on how to accomplish goals while simultaneously realizing success right before my eyes in front of a mirror as I lost inches and weight from my original measurements.

There was always this ambition in the younger me. Hungry for growth, starving for leadership, striving to go above and beyond and do more than what I am expected to do, but somehow that drive got lost and died a little in my many years growing up. When it was rediscovered in January, I have since recreated similar fitness programs (and still seeing success) to follow which has made exercise much more enjoyable than ever before, and I also now commit to writing down any goals that come to mind no matter when or where they spring in my thoughts.

Fast forward to today, am most proud of re-establishing this website and witnessing my own growth in writing and being.

A few words of encouragement from some friends:

“I love reading your posts. The one about your conversation regarding breakup time-damn it hit me. It also made me think, as your friend, there were definitely times when I thought, ‘this isn’t working,’ and thinking you’d be better off NOT with him, but obviously that’s not something I could voice when at the same time, I saw how hard you were trying. And I thought about it in terms of my ex because I was so ready to move on BEFORE I actually did. Thanks for your posts that make me think. You have a beautiful voice.”

“Rosie…I loved your piece on the post-breakup timeline. I’m so glad to see how you’ve used your post breakup into positive vibes and pushed forth to a new and better you-a ‘perfect partner’”.

If you haven’t heard yet, an article I wrote recently published on Darling Magazine online. This piece was written for an organization I serve, Freedom & Fashion, and features Monica, a brilliant young woman whose newfound goal in life is to be outspoken about her trauma-filled past and to be a voice for those affected by domestic violence and sex trafficking. If you read the piece you will know that I simply could not turn from utilizing my skills and resources to make Monica’s story heard and known.

Wouldn’t have gotten this far without that tiny little spark that set the fire within me. When the flame feeds the fuel line, making dreams come true becomes unstoppable.

There will be a lot of retrospect in upcoming editor’s letters for the next few months as the year comes to an end and a new year is welcomed. And whether you’ve done well or not in practicing your gratitude, may you take the time to do so as we approach the holiday season where everything, and everybody, seems to be a bit more open to kindness…

Rosie Chuong

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