Editor’s Letter: Familiarizing New Emotions With Old Music

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Editor's Letter: Familiarizing New Emotions With Old MusicEditor's Letter: Familiarizing New Emotions With Old MusicEditor's Letter: Familiarizing New Emotions With Old Music

Saturday was a mixture of work, planning, exercise and among those self-investment activities there was room for enjoying lunch al fresco and walking around a festival where a band called Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles, the world’s first LGBTQ Mariachi, played a set of songs full of romance and heartbreak. Later that night, I spoke to a person I had recently connected with about sports and family time. We exchanged our good nights and although I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye, I hadn’t anticipated he’d feel the same.

He texted me about an hour later sharing a song he enjoys listening to while exercising or driving. “TAKES ME TO ANOTHER PLACE,” he confessed. It was an instrumental, ethereal, mellow song. Very telling of his own character as I have noticed how humble and down to earth he is. There was something so sensual about the way the guitar strummed in the song. I asked myself, “Isn’t this what falling in love sounds like?”Editor's Letter: Familiarizing New Emotions With Old MusicEditor's Letter: Familiarizing New Emotions With Old Music

“It helps me focus since I’m always at 100mph. It’s amazing how it works for me: I think about growth,” he said. He shared another favorite song of his with a video that featured a breathtaking beach scenery where the waters were perfectly clear and there was only nature in sight (I had originally mistaken it for Maldives). “This is what I picture myself doing soon. Same water, same mountains, no shirt on and just padding,” he said.

I was surprised that he was up so late. He explained, “…just having a drink alone and reminiscing.” He was reminiscing on life; thinking and visualizing where he came from and where he’s going. I asked where the video was shot. He didn’t know. I couldn’t help but feel compelled to help discover this exact location so that he could actually be where he dreamed to be. It turned out to be Bora Bora.

This was the first time we had exchanged music interests. From what I can recall, there has been nothing that would prompt the sharing of such an intimate attachment to particular songs.

He poured his soul into me by giving insight to his way of thinking and how he uses music to not only calm his constantly working state of mind (he is an ambitious business owner), but also to help maintain focus and drive, to propel him to his next step.

We all use music as a mechanism to process things. More often than not, I equate most of my human connections through music, especially romantic ones. I find myself familiarizing new emotions with old music. There are some songs I come across that can instantaneously relate to a current situation. Then there are nostalgic songs capable of bringing back memories.

And then there’s the last category. The set of songs that I hold on to with a certain unexplainable yearning, not quite knowing why I feel a particular ache when hearing it, but it’s there and repeatedly reappears. Unwanted and unwavering. Then days pass by, months, and maybe even years with still no rhyme or reason. Until suddenly, life happens. Perhaps an incident occurs that suddenly makes a song from this category all the more relatable.

As if a song predicted the future and was simply waiting for life to catch up to the moment so that I could then understand its significance. I utilize music as a mechanism to navigate through these romantic fantasies taking place as I fall deeper for an individual because they perfectly voice truths that I cannot independently put into words.

AND I CLING ON TO THAT TYPE OF MUSIC ANYWAY, knowing that someday it will all make sense, accepting that I cannot ever detach from the unexplainable void I feel the minute the audio reaches my ears and hits directly at my heart. Dots are connected when I come across that “aha” moment as if all along I was waiting for some person to give me that same feeling I feel when I listen to a particular song. Could it be that the universe sent along these types of songs to prepare me for what’s to come?


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