DIY To Try: Rose Salt Body Scrub

DIY To Try: Rose Salt Body Scrub

Body scrubs have long been a favorite of mine so the prospect of infusing roses (one of my favorite flowers) into bath time has quite an appeal to it. The smell of roses, the aftermath of new, smooth skin and pure relaxation…what’s not to love about recreating this rose salt body scrub for your own?

* Fine sea salt
* Coarse sea salt [Himalayan] (optional*)
* Rose essential oil
* Jojoba oil (can be substituted with coconut oil or any other oil of your choice*)
* Glass (or plastic*) jar/bottle 
* Clear inkjet labels (full sheet) + body scrub labels | Download

Mix together the fine and coarse sea salt (if you like pink as I do, Himalayan salt gives off a pink color) with the jojoba oil (many substitutes can be used, I personally like coconut oil) and add drops of the rose oil to your desired scent. You want a consistency that’s the perfect middle between wet and dry – not too oily, not too crumbly. Downloadable labels (two sizes) are provided if you’d like to label your jar.

Images + DIY: Oh So Pretty
*Substitutes provided by soulcallove


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