DIY To Try: Rose & Coconut Sugar Scrub

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As previously mentioned in the original DIY, substitutions can be made for some, and even all ingredients to make scrubs into your own – to your taste, your preference. So as to not confuse others with my added substitutes in the original recipe, here is an updated one for something a little similar, a little sweeter.

* White cane sugar
* Rose essential oil
* Coconut Oil
* Dried rose petals
* Jar (glass or plastic)

Mix together the sugar with the coconut oil and add drops of the rose oil to your desired scent. You want a consistency that’s the perfect middle between wet and dry – not too oily, not too crumbly. Break apart rose petals into bits and pieces then add to mixture.

Can always purchase scrubs here and here.

Images: @soulcallove

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