How Would You Describe Yourself In Three Words?

Recently, I was asked to describe myself in three words. It took a long minute for me to choose them, but it got me thinking about how our answers to that icebreaker could potentially change each time we’re asked the question. We perceive ourselves differently depending on the time of our lives and the situation. Even our environment could be a factor.

At that moment, I chose to illuminate myself as someone who is creative, ambitious and malleable. Perhaps I saw myself clearly based on the person I was with or it’s possible that their presence influenced my desire to see myself in that manner. Needless to say, it’s through a combination of these three things that I’m able to act fluidly, with charge in my day-to-day.

When we choose to describe ourselves, we ask the age-old question of, “Who am I?” There are days when it seems unmanageable to fine tune our being, and then there are days when it feels possible. Our thought process behind discovering and uncovering how we choose to label ourselves is just as revealing of our nature as the conclusive words we identify for our biography.

Take a moment to come up with three words you would want to share with another person. Then think deeper about these aspects:

  • Were you critical or confident of yourself? Were you perhaps selective in how you would want to reveal yourself to another person?
  • Were you able to recognize a change in your life and perspective that has influenced your word choices?

It felt strange that I couldn’t immediately think of the words to describe myself. I realized that my hesitation meant that I needed to do a checkup to ensure that my self-perception is aligned with who I am working towards becoming. Should there be a misalignment, then a clarity session is in order.

Do you always use the same three words to describe yourself or do you find that your words have changed since you were last asked that question?

Rosie Chuong

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