Curly Hair Holiday Gift Guide: The Essentials

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It’s not always easy to buy the perfect gift for a curl friend. With so many different variations including hair porosity, curl type and climate all factoring in, it almost feels like a gamble to try and buy a product that may not work for your giftee after all! I put together this list of ESSENTIAL things that every curly queen and king needs in their life so you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong gift.

Curly Hair Holiday Gift Guide: The Essentials

1. SAVI STYLE HAIR TIE: there are countless little things a curl friend can lose within a given day, from loads of hair while detangling in the shower, bobby pins that got swallowed somewhere on the head (major curly hair problem) or even curl definition at the end of the day. Don’t let a simple hair tie be one of them! With the Savi Style Hair Tie, the bracelet holds a hair tie in place making it harder to lose it considering the bracelet itself sizable enough to spot at any given moment. It’s waterproof and doesn’t leave indentations on wrists either. I’ve been keeping this in my gym bag to guarantee that I have at least one hair tie to use while getting a sweat session on.


2. SILK PILLOWCASE: there are different schools of thought on whether satin or silk is better for curly hair, but having tried both, I prefer silk. I personally use 100% mulberry silk for my pillowcases, which is the highest quality silk you can get. Not only will the silk protect hair while sleeping, but it’s also soft and gentle for skin. Think of it this way: you’ll spend at least 1/3 of your life and your face planted on a pillow, so you better make that beauty sleep count! Plus, it’s a very luxurious detail to a sleep routine that most people wouldn’t think of treating themselves to so why not go the extra mile to gift it and let someone feel like they splurged?


3. RIGHTEOUS ROOTS HAIR OIL: I have long been a fan of using oils for both hair and skin, and a majority of my favorite hair products contain beneficial oils that moisturize, condition and improve shine to hair. My personal favorites are argan, sweet almond and monoi oil and I use them for pre-poo, to SOTC or to add into my deep conditioner for extra moisture. Each individual oil has its own benefits so you really can’t go wrong on your selection, but that’s why Righteous Roots is the perfect all-in-one! This bottle contains more than 10 oils in hair known to stimulate hair growth and promote healthiness.


4. KINKY CURLY STELLAR STRANDS: this intensive, hydrating deep conditioner comes highly recommended. It contains biotin and amino acids to help restore hair to health. All in all, this moisturizing hair mask can literally be enjoyed by almost every curly out there. It’s actually one of my favorites!

Curly Hair Holiday Gift Guide: The Essentials

5. SCALP MASSAGER: If you want something to go along with the Righteous Roots Hair Oil, pick up a scalp massager! I’ve been using a pink one from Vanity Planet. A daily or nightly scalp massage helps promote healthy hair growth, something that many curlies struggle with. Plus it’s very therapeutic and relieves stress whenever a break is needed. Did I mention that waterproof scalp massagers can also double up as a shampoo brush?


6. BLACK ORCHID HAIR DIFFUSER: this diffuser attachment created by Xtava has been highly regarded as one of the best diffusers on the market by many curly friends. It’s designed with advanced 3D multi-pronged grips, has a 360 degree airflow and is compatible with 6″ attachment circumference blow dryers.  Sounds pricey with the way I described it, but you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s less than $20!


7. FLAIROSOL SPRAY BOTTLE: every curl friend needs to refresh their hair at some point in between a washing cycle. That could be during the day (fine, high porosity hair is notorious for losing shape by the evening) or when a person chooses to wear next-day hair. While there are products specifically meant for refreshing hair, many curl friends make their own DIY concoction mixing water with product like conditioner or aloe vera juice. Gifting a spray bottle that evenly distributes product on hair will let your giftee know that you know how essential it is to revive a crown of curls.


8. DEVACURL POMADE: the Beautiful Mess Curl Sculpting Pomade has been my favorite thing to scrunch out the crunch from my hair with as of late. It somehow it gives my hair an extra layer of hold when I release the gel cast formed over my hair and reduces frizz. I’ve heard of some curl friends using it to add more volume at the roots. Here’s another reason why it’s a great gift: the pomade is perfect for individually fixing any pieces that fall flat or have a weird shape!

*Thank you to Savi Style for gifting a hair tie to try. All opinions are my own.

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