Curly Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to my curly hair frequently asked questions post! Below, you’ll find a list of commonly asked questions about my hair journey, recommendations and more. Some links will take you to other blogs in a new browser window where I expand on the topic.

1. Why did you start your curly journey?

My first YouTube video goes over why I started my curly journey (there’s also an accompanying blog post for it). I also have an article on Teen Vogue that talks about why it’s so important for more Asian women to embrace their natural hair textures.

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2. What curly hair products or brands have you tried?

Behairful Brush, Bouclème, Cheeky Curls, DevaCurl, Innersense, Kristin Ess, LUS, Miss Jessie’s, Pacifica, Playa, Righteous Roots Oils, SheaMoisture, and plenty more!

*This answer will be updated periodically to reflect what I’m playing around with!

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3. Are you accepting gifted curly products or available to collaborate and partner with brands?

At this moment, I’m not proactively engaging with brands for paid/unpaid content partnerships and collaborations. This includes interviews and other speaking opportunities.

Feel free to contact me as I’m open to developing relationships for future opportunities once my capacity to work with brands is open again.

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Ready to start your healthy hair journey? View my curly hair resource portal for tutorials, reviews and more information about getting started.

4. Where can I receive more content for API Curls?

I rely on community input to keep the social media accounts for API Curls active. If you, or someone you believe would be a good fit, are interested in being featured on our website or socials, please fill out our story form.

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5. How often do you create curly hair content or review products?

I typically purchase full product collections and use up all my products until bottles go empty! This is a multi-month undertaking. I generally don’t provide reviews and recommendations unless I really love products. Check out all my product reviews. Also, here are all my hair tutorials.

Lastly, at this moment my focus is on creating content and providing inspiration for individuals who are interested in healing multiple facets of their lives, discovering their life purpose, and receiving spiritual guidance so they can be in full alignment with their mind, body, heart and soul.

Basically, I’m not prioritizing creation of curly hair content however it doesn’t mean that I’ll stop posting or sharing things related to curly hair.

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