#SupportSmallBusiness : Where to Purchase and Order Cloth & Fabric Face Masks During COVID-19

#SupportSmallBusiness : Where to Purchase and Order Cloth Face Masks During COVID-19

#SupportSmallBusiness : Where to Purchase and Order Cloth & Fabric Face Masks During COVID-19

After having some trouble finding fabric face masks for myself, I went on a mission to put together a list of vendors within the AAPI community who are working tirelessly to not only make reusable face masks available to the general public, but also to medical professionals and front line workers. If you’re in need of ordering cloth based face masks for yourself, consider shopping from the vendors in this resource list!


Vivian Chan

These are the masks that I personally ordered (photographed in this post) and have been wearing nonstop. They currently have three designs available (I have designs one and two, this is three) in various types of fabrics. You can also order reusable filters or use your own as the design comes with a filter pocket.

Shop: https://vivianchan.com/collections/masks

Hate Is A Virus

Created by WEAREUPRISERS, #HateIsAVirus is a movement to combat racism and xenophobia while supporting small Asian-owned businesses across the nation who are currently struggling to keep afloat. They’ve designed reusable canvas face masks that comes in a 2-pack in multiple colors as well as a unisex dust proof breathable 100% cotton face mask with anti-pollution filter performance.

Shop: http://bit.ly/hateisavirus-movement


Specializes in personal protection masks, but also offers a nice variety of other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All of our inventory is located and shipped from the United States, ensuring faster lead times for your equipment. This online store has FDA-registered products and ships through USPS First Class and Priority Mail. Their home page also features a very useful infographic on the difference between surgical masks and N95 respirators.

Shop: https://vegasn95.com/


Elemental reusable face masks are a non-medical grade stylish, protective measure. Masks come in two sizes and are made with 3 layers of protection, all 100% cotton with the most inner layer consisting of an anti-microbial coating .  Masks are printed with the text “FLATTEN THE CURVE” and are sold in 5-packs for $19. Elemental also donates a mask for every mask they sell (you can also purchase to donate).

Shop: https://www.elementalbottles.com/collections/elemental-reusable-premium-face-masks


Sourcement is an apparel manufacturing vendor that connects small, medium, and large businesses in the United States with international factories in Vietnam. Due to recent worldwide events revolving around COVID-19, Sourcement has decided to pause all apparel manufacturing and shift all factory focus towards outsourcing materials for the production of face masks with multiple options for layers.

Every shipment we receive from our factory, Sourcement donates a portion to a hospital or medical office in need. The remaining face masks are then sold on our website to offset all production, labor, and shipment costs. You can help by purchasing for yourself, or giving to those in need in your community.

Shop: https://thesourcement.com/

Cheung’s Tailor Alterations

This store has been in business for 29 years and recently given out 3,500 masks. Each mask is hand sewn in Minnesota. Get yours for: $20/ each, 2 for $40 and $3-5 for shipping total. Can fit up to 3 in their poly bags.

Shop: https://www.facebook.com/besttailoralterationsminnesotaminneapolisblaine (DM or call directly to order)

Kids Dream

These masks are made in LA and can be purchased for four for $20. The shop has lots of prints and colors to choose from! Proceeds help the shop donate adult size fabric face masks to medical professionals and front line workers.

Shop: https://kidsdreamus.com/collections/face-mask

Kindly No COVID-19

Huan and a friend started their Instagram simply to bring awareness to this pandemic. They recently started making reusable, double sided, reversible masks with pockets to insert your filters. Masks are $7 adults and $6 children. Masks are available for local pickup in LA or shipped at cost. Additionally, they’ve donated over 100 masks this past week to front liners and focusing on elderly communities.

Shop: https://www.instagram.com/kindlynocovid19/

#SupportSmallBusiness : Where to Purchase and Order Cloth & Fabric Face Masks During COVID-19

Minnie’s Creations

Minnie and her 3 girls have been making masks. Kids and adult size and $5 each. You can find fabric choices in my group if anyone wants cute ones.

Shop: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433979943340056/


This Facebook group was created to advocate universal mask wearing and a week later, LA and even the CDC changed its guidance . Rebecca and her team has teamed up with a scientist in Hong Kong who developed a DIY mask to tackle the mask shortage problem in Hong Kong. His mask has been scientifically tested and our group shares his design, hacks, and other mask wearing dos and don’ts, as well as other COVID-19 info. Many members of the group sells masks and donate as well.

Shop: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wearingiscaring

Qiqi Couture

Samantha is a full time mom of 2 and making custom masks for all ages by hand! In addition to fulfilling large orders, she’s been donating her creations to local hospitals in the Bay Area.

Shop: https://www.instagram.com/qiqi.couture/


Nature2You face masks comes with 3 layers of protection, a poly layer that blocks droplet transmission and comfortable spandex straps. These masks are hand washable (up to 30 times), antimicrobial and anti-allergic and soft and breathable.  Eco friendly, has different color options and available in kids size. They are donating many of these masks to a local hospital.

Learn More: https://youtu.be/2YMKSKwXsyg (order by calling 949-354-3635)

Hong Kongers in San Francisco Bay Area

This mighty, but small Facebook group of volunteers is making HK Masks. After deducting the cost, all the profit will be used to support the living of Hong Kong freedom fighters and the US healthcare professionals.

Shop: https://www.facebook.com/HKersSanFranciscoBayArea/posts/150083409809103?hc_location=ufi


For each MK-1 mask sold Goodfight will donate a mask to local institutions in need of personal protection equipment. These masks are designed to be washable & reusable. One size fits all. Can be worn independently or as a cover for an N95 mask to extend its life. Each mask features an inner sleeve to insert a replaceable filter. Printable cut & trace guides available on their website.

Shop: https://gdfht.com/products/mark-i

Trishnity Art

Over the course of the month, Trish has sewn and donated over 100 masks to healthcare workers, police officers, mailmen, etc. as a way to help with her new hobby of sewing and creating. After receiving many requests from people asking if they could purchase these face masks I’m sewing and with the encouragement of friends, she started an Etsy shop. In addition to her face mask donations to frontline workers, her Etsy proceeds goes back to purchasing fabric and other materials to continue supporting a worthy cause.

Shop:  https://www.etsy.com/TrishnityArt/listing/792248589/100-cotton-handmade-mask-usa

5 Star Tailors & Dry Cleaning

This tailor and dry cleaning business is  helping stop the spread by making community members masks for FREE.

Shop: https://www.facebook.com/5startailors/ (DM or contact directly for details)

BMA Face Masks

This shop has several design options based upon gender and filters.  Masks are created following guidelines laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Shop: https://bmafacemasks.com/collections/all

Lauren Dinh

Socal wedding photographer Lauren started making masks and selling them through her photography Instagram. DM her for order details!

Shop: Www.instagram.com/playfulsoulphotography

Seize&Desist Los Angeles

Seize&Desist has been in business for seven years producing +2 Million basic and complex garments for many big box retailers such as, Urban Outfitters, Fred Segal, Zumiez, and more. Through the brand’s close relationships with some of the biggest and most innovative knitting mills and dye houses in Los Angeles, and in response to COVID-19 pandemic, the company has shifted all of its apparel production over to producing performance face masks, patient gowns and PPE doctor gowns. Currently, shipping is prioritized to serve medical staff and first responders prior to all others.

Shop: https://www.seizeanddesist.com/

Clean Getaway Kits

Travel and run errands with a sense of protection withClean Getaway Kit Masks.  Includes “ninja safe” and dust protective masks.

Shop: https://www.cleangetawaykit.com/

#SupportSmallBusiness : Where to Purchase and Order Cloth & Fabric Face Masks During COVID-19


This Etsy shop designs and sells multilayer surgical style face masks that are washable and reusable. Each mask is designed with a removable filter pouch and can be ordered in various daisy prints.

Shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/794495867/freeship-multilayer-surgical-style-face

Masks for Care

Masks for Care is building a database of organizations that are in need of homemade masks and will act as a central hub of information and resources for the mask-making efforts against COVID-19. Their site isn’t launched yet, but you can sign up to be notified first!

Learn More: https://www.masksforform.com/

Thompson Tee

This brand Is selling face masks for only $5.99 each. They offer free shipping with purchases of 3 or more. They’re also donating to hard-hit hospitals in LA and NY for every 3 masks sold.

Shop: https://thompsontee.com/face-masks/cotton-face-mask


Recently featured on WFLA News Channel 8. Cinaco has provided much needed supplies to caregivers, fire fighters, and nursing homes in the area. The public can purchase as well.

Shop: www.usa.nailrich.com

Ellie Fun Day

This shop is doing a “Buy One GIVE ONE” and also running a GoFundMe on the side to raise funds for more masks.

Shop: https://www.elliefunday.com/collections/face-masks

Shop Milan

Sonia has sewn & donated over 100 masks to local Bay Area healthcare workers all the way to SoCal hospitals. She’s now making custom masks for both adult & kids with very tropical, fun prints.

Shop: www.instagram.com/_shopmilan_

If there’s a vendor in the AAPI community who should be represented on this list, please email me their information. This page will be updated periodically.

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