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LINEAGE: My 2022 Word of the Year

Up until last year, I guess I didn’t truly know who I was. I didn’t know I was naturally a healer. If you asked me


My 2020 Word of the Year: Nostalgic

You might be thinking, “Why use ‘nostalgic’ as an intentional word of the year and how is that relevant to moving forward?” There were A

Beautycon POP 2018

Beautycon POP 2018

Have you heard of Beautycon POP? It’s the first experiential popup by Beautycon! POP includes 8 immersive galleries, an on-site salon by Macy’s, and a


My 2018 Word Of The Year: Represent

I’m fairly new to utilizing a word as a guide for how I want to live throughout the year (my 2017 word was “scale”), but


PLACES: Bone Kettle, Pasadena, CA

Last year I had the pleasure of joining a friend to attend a press dinner for one of Old Town Pasadena’s newest establishments, Bone Kettle.