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Life Lately: July 2018

I know I haven’t been blogging lately. I’ve been adjusting to some new, unexpected things that I’m still trying to cope with and am slowly


Embracing My Naturally Curly Asian Hair

It all started when, while volunteering for a curl cutting class earlier this year, my hairstylist repeatedly, and in the nicest, well-intentioned way possible, kept

What is a Dating Guide, Anyway?

What Is A Dating Guide, Anyway?

A month ago, I read word-by-word Date Hookup’s definitive online dating guide, an online-based manual created to help the millions of people navigating the online

Today is a day for daydreaming

Today Is A Day For Dreaming.

There are many artists and creative professionals who claim that creativity is not something that can be taught or forced. It is true. There are,

What Does It Mean to be Loved?

What Does It Mean To Be Loved?

Today’s topic for the Editor’s Letter series was originally inspired by The Man Repeller Writers Club and its writing prompt asking how is love defined and

Why We Do Extreme Things After Breakups

Why We Do Extreme Things After Breakups

Last Saturday, in a two-story restaurant known for elevated Vietnamese cuisine and a decidedly moody and seductive ambiance, I reconnected with an old friend over soft-shell