Dream: A Buon for my Homecoming

Dream: A Buon for my Homecoming


Sometime mid-December 2020, I had a dream that my mother was lounging like a Goddess surrounded by golden fish and bronze rooster statues. Eastern (Chinese) and western astrological elements made of luxurious materials so clearly on display right before my eyes. ⁠

This shrine she so casually laid in was the living room of the last childhood home I lived in. A reminder of the hometown I declared I’d never return to for that was where many of my demons were born. ⁠

Then suddenly, I started speaking with another “mother” of mine about reconstructing her house, which was happening in real life around the time of the dream.⁠

Soon after, an elderly Khmer man stood at the door asking what day it was. My mother responded in Khmer and claimed that today was “buon.” ⁠

It was striking to me that she used an incorrect term for the word Tuesday. In Khmer, buon is a sacred ceremony.⁠

He then looked at me, spoke in Khmer and proclaimed that the “naive girl” was a “sleeping beauty” and “now we have awakened the beast.”⁠

It wasn’t until six months later that I realized this prophetic dream symbolized what was to come in 2021: my spiritual awakening. ⁠

A fated sacred ceremony. A buon for my homecoming.⁠

I was the naive girl the wise man was referring to. ⁠

For so long I obediently operated within a realm where I unquestionably followed what society told me to do to survive and succeed, not knowing any other way than that. ⁠

I learned to distrust all the messages my body’s inner space had been sending to me since I was a child.⁠

I developed an ego where my greatest source of love and validation was external.⁠

But now, the sleeping Beauty is finally awake. And so is her Beast.


  • Believe it or not, my 2021 word of the year, HOMECOMING, was not consciously influenced by this dream. I chose the word in November 2020, this dream happened in December 2020. Given the heavy theme of “home” in the dream, it’s clear to me that I needed to reconsider my own definition of home.
  • Having started my spiritual awakening not long after this dream, however, I now realize and can acknowledge that my dreams and my life is all divinely orchestrated
  • Fish and rooster animals are symbols in Chinese and western astrology. I believe the rooster refers to my sister who is a rooster based on the Chinese zodiac, and the fish refers to me as I am a Pisces sun sign according to western astrology.
  • The luxury materials, gold and bronze, symbolize our roles in our families as the eldest daughters breaking generational trauma and beating statistics as the upcoming Cambodian American generation.
  • The “naive girl”, “sleeping beauty” and “beast” the elder man refers to is my own being as I carry both an inner divine feminine and inner divine masculine. Additionally, the beast refers to my divine counterpart.

What are some other ways in which you would interpret this dream? Are there any symbols that resonate with you?

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