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When you partner with me, you’re leveraging a leader from a diverse and creative community that is now finding acceptance and empowerment through embracing their naturally wavy and curly hair. I believe in our shared stories and want to partner with like-minded brands; brands who believe in writing a more inclusive story for folks, especially in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

 I am also a versatile professional with years of experience in community engagement, marketing, design, communications and business strategies. As a brand partner, you have access to more than my network; you also get my expertise. 

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Become a Brand Partner

Connect with me for a brand partnership, sponsored content, speaking engagements, or to work with me on your company’s next project. Please let me know if you’re looking to work with the Rosie Chuong brand or the Asian & Pacific Islander Curls (API Curls) network!

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Collaboration opportunities

The ways we can work together

  • Brand Partnerships: hosting giveaways or developing a special, dedicated content series
  • Sponsored Content: ranging from infographics, creative photoshoots to reels or video reviews
  • Freelance Writing: ghostwriting for social media or website copy, video script writing and guest articles
  • Ambassador: creating exclusive content promoting your brand or product for both of our channels
  • Panelist / Speaker: open to public speaking opportunities including panel discussions, webinar trainings and hosting events as an emcee

The API Curls Network

Asian & Pacific Islander Curls Community

In the three years that I’ve embraced my natural curls, I’ve received inspiring messages from an outpouring of API/AAPI self- identifying folks saying, “This is my story, too.”

There is an overwhelmingly common story that API/AAPI folks don’t feel like they have a safe space to share their stories, and an underwhelming amount of support for this niche community from the public and media.

API Curls changes that by celebrating wavy, curly and coily representation in Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Join us on a mission of changing people’s lives, one hair strand and one hair history at a time.


Positive Impact Through the Power of Social Media

I’ve built a community organically on my platforms and have partnered with brands to strengthen Asian representation in the naturally curly community. Some of my most successful content pieces include a Pin on Pinterest that averages over 25-30k impressions per month as well as a short video that outperforms by 91k more views compared to five videos posted prior on a brand’s account, which has also been used as a conversion ad. 

My skillset ranges from videos to social posts with specific storytelling pieces. My brand partners believe in the beauty of naturally curly hair, and we share a mission to help curly haired folks find products and resources that will help them embrace their beauty and care for their hair.

As a plus, I have a background in Communications, Entertainment Studies with 10+ years of experience working as a Branding and Communications professional. Beauty and haircare companies can trust that I bring to the table a level of professionalism and expertise as a consultant who has worked with large organizations, strategizing and developing content needed to grow and engage a community.

Highlights from brand collaborations and sponsored content include:

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