Beautycon Los Angeles 2019: My First Time At Beautycon

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Beautycon Los Angeles 2019: My First Time At Beautycon

Beautycon Los Angeles 2019: My First Time At Beautycon

I was really hoping to record a lot of video footage to take you inside my first time attending Beautycon, but I quickly realized that I just wasn’t fully prepared for the experience. It was overstimulating and after the day was over, my friend, Yessica, and I managed to walk about 4.5 miles, including our time at Beautycon and utilizing public transportation to get there. Here are some things that really stood out to me during the day that can help you get the most out of the day if you plan to attend!


It’s not that I don’t have the patience to stay in line, because honestly I don’t mind doing so, but if you’re dressed up, and want to create content without being rushed, then paying for VIP is the way to go. A VIP ticket will give you early access to the event itself and if you go during prime time, you’re able to get to the front of the line. Depending on which VIP ticket you purchase, there are many other benefits you can enjoy just by dishing out more money if the beauty, makeup and skincare industry is right up your alley.

Beautycon Los Angeles 2019: My First Time At Beautycon

Beautycon Los Angeles 2019: My First Time At Beautycon


Beautycon is super experiential and most vendor booths are decked out, branded and fun to visit. Sometimes vendors will hand out free full size samples! I took home full size and trial size samples as well as purchased products that were 30-60% discounted from regular price. There are plenty of photo opportunities as well as interactive ways to earn products and deals.


I was concerned about food quality at Beautycon, but all my worries quickly melted away as soon as I learned that there was a designated food truck area to purchase from. We enjoyed super delicious curly chili cheese fries and stayed hydrated with complimentary Vital Proteins collagen water.

Beautycon Los Angeles 2019: My First Time At Beautycon

Beautycon Los Angeles 2019: My First Time At Beautycon – At The Vital Proteins Booth



If you’ve been following along on social, you’ll know that life has been BUSY with work. I’ve been doing dry refreshes more than wet refreshes because sitting around with wet hair has felt FUSSY to me (it’s the stress, which is causing me to be very short tempered). I’ve been using the Pacifica 10-in-1 Style Extending Balm for my dry refreshes and so I thought I’d try the refresher spray from Rizos Curls as an alternative. I’ve used the shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and curl cream from Rizos Curls and the Refresh Spray is by far my favorite.


I was thoroughly impressed by how accurate the representative was able to match me to a nude lipstick. She just KNEW that Shade 14 ‘Lahore’ would go well on my lips (deep dusky pink with blue undertones) The product comes with both a moisturizing matte lipstick as well as an accompanying gloss so you can have it both ways! I also really love their mission: to truly be an inclusive makeup brand, including being genderless and catering to all skin tones. The lip duo is 100% vegetarian, cruelty free, paraben free and talc free.

Beautycon Los Angeles 2019: My First Time At Beautycon

Beautycon Los Angeles 2019: My First Time At Beautycon – At The Mane Choice Booth


My first introduction to The Lip Bar was actually at BeautyconPOP where I purchased 2 of their lipsticks from the same collection (Playmate and Boy Trouble) and now I’ve added 2 more to my collection! Hot Mama is yet another classic Hollywood red shade (this might be my 6th product in this shade for my lip collection) as well as a clear lip gloss to amplify my other matte lipsticks.


It’s really hard for me to justify spending money on manicures and pedicures, compared to other beauty products, but I do love to have my nails long and painted. I was convinced to try this set of reusable press on acrylic nails from Clutch Nails after seeing the shape and color in person!


I’ve come to enjoy using towelettes as a way to wash my face and remove makeup so upgrading this habit with using a more sustainable and reusable option via the Makeup Eraser seemed like a great idea! I can attest to the quality of the Makeup Eraser, it’s been really easy for me to remove the Lip Bar’s Hot Mama lipstick (mentioned above) which happens to stay put very well-so well that it’s hard to take off. Thanks to the Makeup Eraser, it’s really easy and doesn’t stain my skin while in the process of removing that particular lipstick!

Would I attend Beautycon again? ABSOLUTELY! I had such a blast checking out this event and it felt right up my alley in terms of discovering and trying new things, meeting with brands and coming home with stuff I fall in love with! Have you attended Beautycon or a similar beauty experiential event?

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  • supal says:

    ah I always feel overwhelmed at these things, but I’m glad you were able to make some content out of it! I thought you didn’t when we spoke on Insta!

    • Rosie says:

      I was hoping for more insider video footage, but photos were all I really managed to get. I spent most of the day trying to enjoy the event as is with my friend instead of making her my “Instagram girlfriend” 😉 The next time around, I’d for sure be more prepared though!

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