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Art by Susan Washington

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Art by Susan WashingtonWaterfall

I recently discovered the work of Susan Washington through previously featured interior designer, Aaron B. Duke, who mentioned her in his social media feed. Instantaneously, I was drawn to Susan’s Cubism references and the abstractness. That was BEFORE I discovered that Susan draws inspiration from her longtime career of 15 years in fashion.

To create her abstract art, she infuses mixed media utilizing textiles; sewing pieces of scrap fabric together then tearing them apart to paste onto a blank canvas soon to be topped with thick acrylic paint, charcoal and graphite. In addition to the recycled fabric she attains from industry connections, other items used in her work include vintage Japanese and French dress patterns. What is ultimately achieved by Susan are curious layers of interest among strong composition.

Art by Susan WashingtonUntraveled Earth


Art by Susan WashingtonA scene from Susan’s studio.


Art by Susan WashingtonA glimpse of sample colors from Susan’s studio.


Art by Susan WashingtonOpposites Attracting


Art by Susan WashingtonGhetto Matrix


Art by Susan WashingtonMidcentury Paintings


Art by Susan WashingtonIt Could Be Sweet

Although Susan has always had an inclination for the arts, even in her fashion career, it was not until much later in life that she pursued her true path. When interviewing Susan, she shared how her photographer husband, Stephen, helped push her to go after what she most longed for. I just love her story on how they first met in person: “I’ll never forget I drove to JFK with Phillip Glass blasting on the radio. He finally came out and it was totally love at first sight. We got champagne and went to sit on the beach and talked for hours and hours, so beautiful. In fact we celebrate that day rather than our wedding anniversary!“

Art by Susan WashingtonRelease Me Now


Art by Susan WashingtonBig Falls


Art by Susan WashingtonAnother studio shot.


Art by Susan WashingtonComposition No. 11


Art by Susan WashingtonMontaigne II


Art by Susan WashingtonA series of paintings by Susan Washington.


Art by Susan WashingtonSusan’s paintings in a gallery.


Below are newer works from Susan Washington that just premiered merely two weeks ago!


Art by Susan WashingtonThree Muses


Art by Susan WashingtonThe Last Knight


Art by Susan WashingtonThen There Were Two


Art by Susan WashingtonTalking Heads


Art by Susan WashingtonThey Call Her Elita One

More work from Susan Washington can be viewed on her website or Instagram. More art here.

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