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Art By Heather Day

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Sincerely (previously featured here)

“It’s about the negative space. Those in between moments between travel and interaction,”

writes San Francisco-based artist Heather Day on her website. She grew up in Hawaii and along the east coast of the United States, and achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and art history from Maryland Institute of College. Finding a home at all these places, along with her familiarity with travel and culture, led to the discovery of her profound connection to nature and has developed into the main source of inspiration for her mixed media abstractions.

Left to Right: You Were Saying #2, It’s Really OK, The Things You Told Me Today #3

Working primarily with paint and non-traditional materials, Day produces storytelling visuals conveying moments of interactions. I first discovered Day’s work while researching for a previous blog post on art featuring interior designer Jessica Today. Her art was enough to capture my interest, but what also resonated were the title choices for all her pieces.

Left to Right: Rivers & Highways #1, Rivers & Highways #5

Left to Right: Gravel #5, Rivers & Highways #7, Rivers & Highways #6

Untitled #20

Left to Right: Strong Current, Untitled, Things We Hold #2

Her website declares this philosophy: everything is a product of an experience that frames each work, conveying stories of movement and ideas of color through seams, lines, and layers. If the art is a product of an experience, then perhaps the titles for each are a summary of emotions from that very experience. In some cases, the titles seem as if they are pre-cursors to incidents. Some others feel like the afterthought-the reflection of a moment.

“I travel seeking stories of all kinds—stories behind people, places, sound, and nature—and bring them home to my Oakland studio to create an interpretation. Each of us sees the world differently through a screen of personal experiences. I choose to communicate my interpretations through layers of overlapping paint, expressing moments at every seam, edge, and line. Each mark represents my language of dynamic motion, allowing compositions to read like handwriting—from one side to another.”

Side Road

Left to Right: Current #8, Layers & Layers, Just Kidding

Sincerely #2

Day collects moments and memories from “wooded areas, agitated rivers and panoramic views of the ocean” that inspire the reaction to nature that is depicted in her art. Such intent for an agenda in adventures reminds of a similar waterscape artist in search of water sources around the world.

Through the medium washes and emphatic marks in her work, you will find the natural beauty of Northern California; ethereal shades of bubbly blues of the Pacific Coast and earthy tones instrumental to forestry patches. Additionally there are other hints of nature themed throughout Day’s art, including a tendency for rock-like formations.

Visit her website and watch the home page video to catch a glimpse of how Day approaches a blank canvas. It is messy and chaotic to involve water dumped on paint, but with the movement of her own body, Day ultimately controls and manipulates the direction of the piece. This approach to painting is a true visual metaphor of what it means to live. Humanity seeks control, but nature provides disorder; a juxtaposition essential to the stories of Day’s art.

Rain vs. Sun #2

Left to Right: Proximity To The Ocean (top), Background Noise (bottom), Told You Twice

Patterns in Places

“Nature contains so many juxtapositions; it can be serene and chaotic, it can be creative and destructive.”

More samples of Day’s work below. More art to view here.

Photos: all images are sourced from HeatherDayArt.com and @heatherdayart. Additional quotes sourced from 7×7 & The Hundreds.

I Made This For You #2

Objects In My Pocket #6

Left to Right: Backyards & Oceans #3, Current #5, Early #2, Backyards & Oceans #1

Sincerely #3

Let’s Be Honest

On My Mind

Blue Space #2


You Were Saying


Left to Right: Bounded #2, Bounded, Proximity To The Ocean #3


Upkeep 9 1/2


Left: Gravel #1, Right: Gravel #3

Left to Right: Stacks At Home #6, River Site, Stacks At Home #8


Can’t Wait To See You #1


Vertical #1


Left to Right: Move #3, Rivers & Highways #8


Left to Right: Closer #3, Closer #2


Left to Right: Proximity To The Ocean #7, I Made This For You #1


Blaeberry River


Left to Right: Blue Space, Just Kidding #3, Just Kidding #2 (top), Far Places #1 (bottom)


Left to Right: Birthday Balloons #3, Question #1 (top), Not Even A Thing


Left to Right: Standing Still #1, Untitled #1, Upkeep #3

Left to Right: Early #4, Early #5, Early

Left to Right: Objects In My Pocket #2, Objects In My Pocket #1, Objects In My Pocket #5

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